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Enjoy Digital discusses downtime management

Enjoy Digital is one of the fastest-growing independent agencies in the UK. Its team of 50 full time members of staff work provide fully integrated digital marketing and solutions development with a range of leading brands, including Cox Automotive, Costcutter and Hesco Bastion.

Enjoy Digital has doubled in size over the last two years and has ambitious plans for the future growth, involving Synergist.

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations at Enjoy Digital, manages the agency’s busy studio and workflow throughout the business. He has been instrumental in ensuring the agency is efficient, streamlined and profitable while supporting its growth.

Here, he shares with us how Enjoy Digital has conquered the challenge of running a busy environment to produce high quality client work while tracking and improving job profitability.

Turning downtime into chargeable time

The challenge of scheduling work

“As we grew as a business it became more and more evident that we needed to have a more robust scheduling process."

"It’s vital that as we develop, we continue to be responsive to our clients and meet deadlines across our projects.”

Client work by Enjoy Digital for Randstad

Overcoming this challenge?

“Any requests to schedule work must include a job number, a date, a person or department and the type of work to be carried out."

"This means that anyone looking at the schedule knows what the booking is for and where to find more information. Whoever the work gets allocated to has all the information they require to perform their tasks."

Client work by Enjoy Digital for Comply Direct

The impact this scheduling has on delivery

"Synergist allows the production staff to view their calendar and identify any future booked work. Therefore, if they have finished their current tasks ahead of schedule, they can pull work forward from future bookings. On the whole, this helps us to be more efficient."

Enjoy Digital office

Ensuring the team is at capacity

"We hold morning scrum meetings each day, where we go through all tasks that are due to be completed and who will be working on them. Synergist makes it easier to plan this, and to see whether or not we’re at capacity with the capacity planner and our capacity reports."

"Having this clarity in the schedule has really helped as I can review work to be completed, leave gaps for client approval time, and allocate people to work on shorter, reactive jobs."

Enjoy Digital office

What does this mean for clients?

"Our client services team can provide the client with an estimated delivery or go live date which is more accurate than we could have previously supplied."

Client work by Enjoy Digital

How does this support the agency longer term?

"Work gets planned three months in advance. Jobs that have not been signed off will be tentatively booked. We accept that things can and do change, but we’d rather get a time estimate and block this out in the schedule. This time will also appear in capacity reports and can be converted to a confirmed booking, as soon as the project is signed off."

"I can look at time in the schedule, the allocation of staff and the estimated work and ask ‘do we have enough resource to deliver this?’ If we’re consistently at capacity, it’s a good indicator that we need to look at recruitment. These reports ultimately help to drive these decisions at a senior level, as head of departments receive these reports too."

In summary

Ian’s methodical approach and committed use of Synergist has allowed him to take control of the schedule and ensure that the agency is working efficiently and cost-effectively, while delivering fantastic work for a growing client base. It is little wonder why Enjoy Digital is celebrating stable growth and receiving accreditations such as ISO27001 and being a RAR recommended agency.

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