Agency capacity management software

Managing peaks and troughs in resourcing is a constant battle for agencies.

And to do this effectively, you need clear visibility on where you have capacity in-house, when to hire a freelancer... or when you need to recruit.

Agency office

Get a short- and long-term view of your capacity

See how much time is available, booked and sold over the coming days, week and months.

You can view by team, skill or individual, so you know where you have hours to sell and where you might have resourcing issues. Quickly spot where there’s increased demand for specific skills to inform training, recruitment and freelancer-hiring decisions.

See how much time is booked on chargeable vs non-chargeable work and holidays.

You can also see how winning opportunities would impact on your resources, so you can proactively plan resource in advance.

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Booked vs Capacity
Sukhi Dehal of 383 Project

"The Studio has benefited greatly. It's removed a lot of admin from them. It's cleaned everything up. Made it slick. No more Post-It notes flying around! No more physical timesheets! No, we wouldn't go back to all that now.”

Sukhi Dehal, Managing Partner and Founder,
383 agency

Booking from estimate

Easily manage schedules and workloads

Quickly see resource availability and make tentative or confirmed bookings. Bookings can be made via work requests or straight into the calendar. Permissions let you control who can make, edit and view bookings, and which teams they see.

You can see the time estimated vs remaining on a job, so you don’t go over budget. And the ‘loading’ view helps you make sure you’re not overbooking resources.

Team members can see their job briefs, share updates and record time in their personal schedule.

And managing freelancers is easy. Simply add them to the schedule and book away!

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Darryl Kennedy of Spike

“The transparency of where we are at any given time is helpful, we know what runway we’ve got left on what purchase orders, we can see how far through projects we are, where resources are, where they’re costed and scheduled etc."

"The reporting gives us a view of where our availability is coming and where we need to have conversations with clients.”

Darryl Kennedy, 
Director, Spike

Track utilisation and drive team profitability

Easily monitor your team's utilisation vs target. The performance dashboard gives you an instant view of chargeable and non-chargeable time by team or individual.

Timesheets are often seen as a chore, but one-click timesheets make it easy for your team to accurately record time, on their browser or mobile app. You can also quickly see when they haven’t been filled out.

If you do find any utilisation issues, you can drill into the detail of where people are spending time and the cost impact.

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Performance dashboard

All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your projects, people, clients and financials.

Know your capacity

See it for yourself. Schedule a demo, customised for your specific agency needs, to see how Synergist can improve your agency's profitability.

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