Project estimation and quoting system for quick and accurate job costing

A good quoting system for agencies and consultancies working on multiple projects is an essential part of any project estimation process. After all, the project estimate is the financial model of the job. If it's wrong you'll either upset the client with a huge quote or overruns and reduced profitability become inevitable.

Synergist's job estimating software provides you with all the following: 

  • prompts the user to consider the details of what’s required to do the job, either by using a template, an existing job or from scratch
  • displays the estimated project cost and recommends a charge for doing the job, based on either standard or client specific rates and hence margin
  • can be automatically reformatted to build a quotation
  • becomes the budget for the job allowing the various components to be allocated to people or teams following approval
  • can be quickly edited and sent to the client as a branded pdf via email (created automatically in your standard email package)
  • job estimating software gives you a live view of how the budget is being used, allowing you to identify problems early enough to rectify them as the job progresses
  • allows you to record agreed changes to the job ensuring clear records and accurate billing

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