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Manage all your projects, clients, people and financials efficiently and profitably. Synergist helps you scale your consultancy smoothly and smartly.

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Why Synergist works so well for consultants

Synergist helps consultancies use time and resources more effectively. Streamlining processes, automating reporting and giving you the information you need to work smarter and be more profitable. 

“Profitability is very clear now, by project, by sector, by client – we can report on a variety of key categories. Prior to this, we could be focusing on the wrong areas.”

Sara Blannin, Finance Director of ECUS environmental consultancy

Streamline job management

Manage, track and report on jobs from leads to billing.

  • Estimate time and costs based on previous project data or use job templates for consistent estimating, quoting, planning and workflows
  • Manage new business leads and existing client opportunities using the built-in CRM
  • Break down complex projects into phases, services or deliverables, using different charge-out rates to track time and profit at a granular level
  • Quote clients using flexible pricing models and see the estimated profit margin to make sure you’re not under-charging
  • Store documents, communications and checklists on the job. No more info stuck in people’s heads
  • Track work-in-progress and profitability in real time, and create early alerts to flag overruns or issues
  • Create invoices automatically from your timesheets or set up billing plans for projects or retainers requiring staged payments
  • Synergist integrates with leading accounts packages - such as Xero and Sage - saving time and eliminating double-entry.
Job list + Estimate + Gantt chart

"We manage a large number of projects at any one time. And they represent a very wide variety of project sizes. Length of projects can range from a single day to two or three years.”

Andy Yates, Director of Webb Yates Engineers

Performance dashboard + Capacity table + Loading 2 weeks

Get to grips with utilisation

Allocate resources smartly and plan hiring proactively.

  • Record time easily and accurately with multiple time-tracking options, including timers, mobile apps and automated reminders
  • Track both chargeable and non-chargeable work against targets. Learn where time is being spent and the cost impact
  • See each team’s capacity over the coming days, weeks and months and instantly see the impact of winning new opportunities so you can plan resources based on data rather than assumptions
  • Assign tasks to a team or individual, schedule them using the resource calendar and send reminders to keep them on track.

"When we installed Synergist, we were in for a shock: in some cases, our utilisation was more than 10% worse than we had thought. That makes a huge difference."

Sara Blannin, Finance Director of ECUS environmental consultancy

Power your planning

Gain visibility to make confident, forward-focused decisions.

  • Forecast revenue and profit for new business and existing clients. Add probability of converting (weighting) to give a more accurate forecast
  • See patterns in utilisation and capacity, helping you set more realistic utilisation targets, and plan resources and recruitment more smartly
  • Track profitability by client, project, service, account handler and more. Deep dive into the data to find out exactly where you’re making money and where you’re not, to inform your future pricing and project selection
  • Report on work in progress, sales invoices, and purchase invoices to accurately recognise revenue in line with when the work is completed and costs are incurred
  • See real-time management dashboards, schedule reports to be automatically emailed to your inbox, or generated when an event happens or data meets specific criteria
  • Create custom reports using the powerful integrated analytics tool. You can combine multiple reports or charts into custom dashboards for your leadership team, or set up specific dashboards for team members to track important metrics.
Three dashboards: Management, Sales, Performance

Shaped for your consultancy's needs

Designed specifically for consultancies and agencies, Synergist comes with everything you need to grow. But we get that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to consultancies. Which is why Synergist can be configured to work in harmony with your business and set up to give you the exact reporting you need.

"Having your own consultant to lean on and shape the software step-by-step makes it feel even more bespoke. It’s also someone to run things by to make sure I’m looking at things in the right way.”
Steven Smith, Operations Director at Copy House

 1-on-1 system and reporting design and custom implementation

 Role-specific training sessions in your own system

 Ongoing training and advice from highly-experienced consultants

 Unlimited phone and email support

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Frequently asked questions from consultants

Can Synergist manage complex jobs, recurring jobs and retainers?

Yes. You can manage different types of jobs, including multi-option quotes, retainers, recurring work, multi-phase projects and managed sales orders with Synergist.

Does Synergist allow different charge-out rates?

Yes. You can create different charge rates by team or skill, or you can set charge rates at an individual staff level. You can also set up client-specific rates.

Does Synergist handle revenue recognition?

Yes. The revenue management module allows you to recognise or defer revenue in line with when the work is completed and costs are incurred. Learn more about revenue management

Can we set up different user permissions?

Yes. You can set up different permissions for each user or user group, such as 'administrators', 'project managers' or 'directors', etc. You can select which menus, tools and reports each user can access. You can also set up user groups to see specific reports. For example, you could create a suite of reports for the board.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Synergist Cloud has been developed to be highly secure, reliable and compliant with UK data regulations. Keeping your core business information safe, secure and available, whenever and wherever you need it. Learn more about security

Can Synergist integrate with other software?

Synergist has direct integrations with leading software like Microsoft 365, Google, Xero, Sage, HubSpot and many more. Plus, our API enables you to integrate with anything. Learn more about integrations

Your sales invoice, purchases and expenses can be fed directly into accounting software to eliminate double-entry.

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