Client and project management: stay organised and in control

"We can now see what is happening at a glance and effectively manage change.”

Clare Walsh, Digital Delivery Director, Redweb

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Integrated client and project management software for agencies

No more switching between email, spreadsheets and post-it notes to keep your projects on track. Synergist gives you all the tools you need to plan and manage your clients, jobs and new business, all in one place.

Synergist’s end-to-end project management software helps you improve your agency’s processes, from estimating and scheduling to collaboration and billing.

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Day-to-day: Keep your jobs moving

With a million plates to spin, even the best project managers can lose track. Synergist helps you organise priorities and keep jobs moving, alerting you to issues immediately.

  • Stay on top of your actions. See immediately what activities you need to do at an opportunity, client or job level and add reminders for future actions.
  • Assign tasks to your teams. Create activities against a client, job or project phase. Add details, timelines, checklists, attachments, comments and reminders.
  • Keep on track. See the status of outstanding activities at a glance and get alerts when comments are added, tasks are completed or deadlines are missed.
  • Get early warnings. Customisable alerts flag any issues. For example, a job that’s late or reaching a certain percentage of its budget.

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Week-to-week: Manage projects proficiently

Deliver projects smoothly, on time and on budget. Plan, organise and track everything from briefing to completion.

  • Create accurate estimates. Use previous project time and cost data or templates to keep your estimating consistent. Record all time, purchases and expenses for accurate billing and profit reporting.
  • Plan projects visually. Quickly set up Gantt charts to plan project timelines and share visual project plans with clients.
  • Book and brief seamlessly. Schedule the right resources, attach all the information they need and accurately track time against the job.
  • Keep jobs on track. Instantly see a live picture of your project’s progress, budgets, costs and profitability. Colours alert you if you’re ‘job healthy’ or not, so you can quickly take proactive measures.

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Job list + Estimate + Gantt chart
Billing Plan, client dashboard and job dashboard

Month-to-month: Drive profitability

Are you under-billing or over servicing? Past project data can help you learn how to plan and price future jobs to improve performance and profitability.

  • Keep billing on track. Create billing plans based on phase completion or dates. Easily allocate costs, generate timely invoices and update revenue forecasts automatically if timings change.
  • See project reporting. Quickly see the profit of overall job or phase within a job, identify where projects have gone over budget or delays have occurred to take learnings and create templates for future jobs.
  • Manage client reporting. Monitor client revenue forecasts, actual spend vs target, profit and margins, and your client investment to make sure you’re managing clients effectively and profitably.
  • Stay on top of new business. Easily manage contacts, opportunities and actions to keep new business on course. Track your pipeline against targets and see where there’s capacity to bring work forward or sell more.

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All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your projects, people, clients and financials.

Manage your clients, projects and processes effectively

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