Agency project management software

When you’re in the business of selling time, how you and your team use this time has the biggest impact on profit.

As Synergist is designed specifically for UK-based agencies and consultancies, it’s tailored for the way you work. Using Synergist’s end-to-end project management solution, you can manage, control and improve every aspect of your project, from estimating and scheduling to collaboration and billing.

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Produce accurate estimates and easy-to-manage budgets

Accurate estimating sits at the heart of profitable project delivery. Get it wrong and you'll either face reduced profits or risk upsetting your client with a high quote or additional costs. Synergist lets you create estimates from previous project data, using templates to keep your estimating consistent.

Plus, it allows you to record agreed changes to the job, so you can maintain clear records and accurate billing. Using the billing plans function, you can invoice staged payments based on set dates, project milestones or work completed.  See more on Estimating and Billing.

Estimate, no costs
Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry

"The Studio has benefited greatly. It's removed a lot of admin from them. It's cleaned everything up. Made it slick. No more Post-It notes flying around! No more physical timesheets! No, we wouldn't go back to all that now.”

Nigel Wilson,
Managing Director, Clevercherry

Kanban board and Gantt

Plan projects using waterfall or agile approaches

Break projects down into jobs, phases and tasks, and view them as an interactive Gantt chart to share with your client or import into their project management software.

Using Kanban boards helps teams organise, prioritise and collaborate on tasks at a job, client or team level.

Project managers can populate briefing templates, add comments, create checklists and attach or link documents. And automated alerts and reminders make managing projects easy. See Job/Project Tracking and Online Document Management Software. 


Quickly schedule resources and manage bookings

Time can be requested or booked straight into the schedule using the simple drag-and-drop scheduling calendar. You can quickly see availability and book draft, tentative or confirmed time slots.

As jobs are linked to estimates, you see time estimated and remaining on a job so you don’t go over budget. Team members can see all the booking information in their personal calendar, update progress and record time straight from their schedule.  See more on Scheduling and Timesheets.

Calendar booking
Peter McQueen, MediaBlaze

“It gives us a snapshot of each project and how aligned the costs are with the rate of completion."

“Synergist is central to everything we do. Without it, we wouldn't have had the level of success we've had."

Peter McQueen,
Finance Director at Mediablaze from 2017 to 2021.

Timesheet and chargeability

Keep track of project progress and profitability

Gain a live picture of progress, scheduling, budgets, costs and profitability using client and job dashboards.

Meanwhile, time and material tracking is easy via one-click time and expenses tracking via the desktop or app. Purchase management enables you to raise POs against a job, control mark-up rates and approvals, and track estimated, charged and actual values for accurate profit tracking.

And email reminders and alerts can help you stay on track and quickly address emerging issues such as reaching budget, overdue timesheets, late milestones additional costs. See Job/Project Tracking and Automate Project Reporting With Scheduled Reports.

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All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your projects, people, clients and financials.

Improve your project’s delivery

See it for yourself. Schedule a demo, customised for your specific agency needs, to see how Synergist can improve your agency's profitability.

Our implementation partner, The Agency Works, will contact you to arrange your demo. Their extensive agency experience means they can guide you towards the most effective set-up to help you save time, increase profits and ultimately achieve your goals.