Agency project management software tailored to your needs

Synergist provides an end-to-end project management solution for agencies and consultancies. This means Synergist supports your project management at every step from opportunity to when you're ready to invoice. This includes estimating and quoting, scheduling, capacity management, billing, timesheets and more.

Synergist is a cloud or on-premise-based project management system with a mobile app too, designed to manage everything your agency uses for project delivery and more, replacing a number of siloed systems. 

Synergist is designed for agencies and other project-based business who manage multiple projects. Crucially, Synergist keeps you informed every step of the way, giving you visibility of each project's health through handy reports and visual dashboards as well as identifying project patterns and showing you the cumulative health of all projects and therefore, the overall health of your business.  


  • Synergist's cloud and on-premise project management functionality helps you create realistic project plans and estimates that are based on factual data from previous projects, so you always start on the right foot. 
  • As the project progresses, you see complete and up-to-date data on how the project, and individual tasks within the project, are progressing. Data is displayed in visual dashboards and handy alerts, gives you an honest picture of true project, and therefore business, health.
  • Potential issues such as bottle necks and over-servicing are quickly identified in Synergist's displays and the implications are immediately reflected in wider reporting and forecasting.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling and Kanban boards make job scheduling and tracking slicker and email integration makes project communication across your agency teams easier.
  • Gantt charts have built-in dependencies so the true impact of any delays is reflected in wider project and business financial forecasting and reporting.
  • Timesheets can be created from the schedule in one click, making recording time simpler than ever.
  • One click gives you an accurate picture of how much has been billed for business and project income forecasting. Synergist supports revenue recognition enabling you to see how much of the project is complete vs what has been billed.

The benefits of live project data

Gaining an accurate understanding of your projects' health can be very difficult. However, without an honest picture, you don't just risk that one project. If you're running multiple projects simultaneously then you're risking your entire agency's profitability.

If you're not using live data, that is constantly responding to moving parts such as timesheets and scheduling, then all your reporting and forecasting is potentially, and quite likely to be, inaccurate. And you won't know this until the project is over and the damage is done. Leaving the finance director to reconcile numerous siloed data sources in an attempt to decipher why a seemingly-on-target project hasn't delivered the anticipated results.

In the meantime, key business decisions, such as spend and recruitment, may have been based on inaccurate financial forecasting.

In contrast to this, Synergist houses live project data from estimating to invoicing and scheduling to timesheets and even the latest project email.

All this information is presented in visual dashboards containing metrics, charts and reports to make it as easy as possible for you and your team to digest and take positive actions from this data. Over-servicing, over runs and other common project pitfalls are easier to avoid and better-informed decisions are made across your agency.

What's more, as well as current, live project data, Synergist records all data from previous projects so you can replicate successful projects, literally by using the project data to produce an estimate, and then turning this into a quote in one click. So you will avoid repeatedly making the same mistakes and you're always pushing your projects forward.