Project management software tailored to your needs

Synergist provides an end-to-end project management solution. This means Synergist supports your project management at every step from opportunity to when you're ready to invoice. This includes estimating and quoting, scheduling, capacity management, billing, timesheets and more.

Synergist is a cloud or on-premise-based project management system designed to manage everything and replace a number of siloed systems. 

Synergist is designed for agencies and other project-based business who manage multiple projects. Crucially, Synergist keeps you informed every step of the way, giving you visibility of each project's health through handy reports and visual dashboards as well as identifying project patterns and showing you the cumulative health of all projects and therefore, the overall health of your business.  


Synergist's agency project management helps you create a realistic project plan quickly and easily.

And a completed schedule can be emailed out as a pdf or a Microsoft Project file (.mpp) so your client can share a professionally formatted schedule with colleagues.

As the project progresses, Synergist automatically builds a history of it, tracking who does what and when.

After smoothing the job’s way to successful completion by highlighting any potential bottlenecks before they occur, Synergist's cloud project management provides all the reporting detail to accurately forecast financial performance.

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