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Real-time business intelligence for agencies

Get all the data and insights you need to drive your agency forward in the right – and most profitable – direction.

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Spend less time reporting and more time making decisions

 Synergist's reporting function gives you complete visibility on what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen across your agency. Instead of spending endless hours compiling data, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.


Instantly see how your agency's performing

Synergist dashboards bring all your data together into a single source of truth. See all the key metrics you need, at the click of a button.

  • Management dashboard  Get an instant view of your actual and forecast revenue and profit. Filter by company, team or user. Plus, see your top clients and earnings per head at a glance.
  • Sales dashboard  Analyse your pipeline for new and existing clients and quickly see forecasts based on % probability (weighted). Track each account handler’s performance against their targets and instantly see hours sold vs available to sell for each resource type.
  • Performance dashboard  See how effectively you’re utilising and recovering your team’s time. For example, track each team’s utilisation rate and chargeable/non-chargeable hours vs their targets.
  • Scheduling dashboard  Get a short- and long-term view of your agency’s capacity. See hours estimated, booked and available by team, skill or individual over the coming days, weeks and months. Learn how winning opportunities could impact your resources, so you can plan proactively.
Three dashboards: Management, Sales, Performance

Agency reporting for looking ahead

Is your reporting moving you forward… or just looking backwards? See the key metrics that will help you improve performance 

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Job costing dashboard and job list

Monitor your project and clients in real time

Knowing what's on track or, more importantly, what's not on track, can help to drive a successful project.

  • Job dashboards  See the financial health and profitability of your jobs instantly. Track estimated, quoted, invoiced or recognised vs actual time and costs - with a live view of % completion, potential overrun and profit.
  • Client dashboards  Track the actual and forecast revenue and profit for each of your clients. See client investment - how much you've over or under-recovered across all their jobs, making sure each client meets your profit targets.
  • Instant email alerts  Create automated emails when an action happens or data meets a specific criteria. For example, when new time or costs have been added to an invoiced job, or costs have reached X% of the budget on a job.

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Make your agency more productive

See why thousands of design, digital, marketing and PR agencies - from 10 to 500 people - choose Synergist to manage their projects more intelligently and profitably.

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Get all the data and insight you need

Synergist delivers a suite of detailed reports to help you make intelligent business decisions and improve your agency’s performance and profitability.

  • Financial reporting  Get an accurate picture of your planned, actual, work-in-progress, write-offs, profitability and forecasts at a business, client or project level.
  • Utilisation  View how your team’s time is used, see missing timesheets and easily track staff utilisation.
  • Cost management  Keep track of purchases and expenses with up-to-date cost reports.
  • Budget tracking  Analyse estimates vs actuals to manage over-delivery and inform future job costings.
  • Automated reporting  Schedule reports to be automatically emailed to your inbox, or generated when an event happens or data meets specific criteria.
  • Custom reports  Customise reports using powerful filters and save your selected views for quick access.

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Standard Reports list

"We now get reporting on Quotes versus Estimates versus Actuals. This means that we can look at what’s charged vs what it should cost vs what it actually cost.”

Andrea Allen, Operations Director, Rooster Punk

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"The main thing is we can report on over-servicing so we can take action. There's absolutely no doubt that bringing in Synergist has really helped us ensure we've got the right financial controls in place."

Peter McQueen, Finance Director, Mediablaze

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Data Viewer

Integrated analytics

From top-level insights to highly detailed data, Synergist makes it easy to build your own reports, using the Data viewer reporting tool.

  • Custom reports  Report on the exact data you want with sophisticated data filters, formulas, custom columns and cross-tabs - it's like having your own integrated PivotTable tool!
  • Visualise data  Gain at-a-glance insights with tables and charts to download and share.
  • Save reports  Save your reports or add them to your Data Viewer dashboard for easy future access.
  • Share  Reports can be shared easily with your management team or across your business. Add to the Data Viewer dashboard for anytime access, download charts to use in presentations, export into Excel and even schedule to be regularly delivered by email.

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See Synergist in action

Whatever your agency looks like – 10 to 500 people, design to digital – Synergist can be shaped to the way you work.

Synergist consultants, Agency Works, will be in touch to arrange your bespoke demo. Their experience working with hundreds of agencies means they can help you work out if Synergist is right for you.

All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your agency's projects, people, clients and financials.