Purchasing software for raising purchase orders within agencies

Synergist's integrated procurement feature sits within the wider agency management system. Giving you the functionality to raise a purchase order directly from the system at any point within the purchasing cycle. Allowing you to keep a track on purchasing and setting costs against specific jobs. Perfect if you require purchasing software to manage buying against specific projects and recoup costs later on. 

Find out more about the Synergist purchase order system:

  • purchase estimates can be created manually or automated requests for pricing can be emailed to multiple suppliers
  • purchase details can be in text or quantity line formats with mark-ups applied by supplier, client or manually
  • supplier options can be selected for inclusion in any quotation
  • purchase estimates can rapidly be converted into purchase orders with configurable approval controls
  • no information needs to be re-entered, so staff can focus on getting the best deals rather than wasting time manipulating data
  • Purchase Invoice Register allows quick matching or part matching of incoming purchase invoices against one or more purchase orders
  • the approved purchase invoices are posted with nominal analysis to the accounts ledgers of any leading accounts system
  • Purchase orders can be raised from the Synergist desktop or purchase order app

Purchasing and expense recording

Synergist's purchase reports give you visibility of, not only your purchases, but the implications of these purchases by cost, client and project or job. 

As well as seeing the supplier's name and type you can see which job phase the purchase order was raised against. You can reconcile the cost against any charges made to the client so any profit made is clearly visible.

Perfect for helping ensure purchasing is or can be, profitable and for reporting on overall client and or project/job profitability across your agency.