Control your job costs and improve cashflow

Make sure all job costs are tracked, passed on to your client and accurately forecast for improved cashflow.

Manage all your project purchases

Estimate costs, create purchase orders, manage mark-ups and store all purchase information against each job or phase for complete visibility.

  • Add purchases, third-party, freelancer and expense cost estimates, along with expected dates and payment terms to help you forecast costs and manage cash flow
  • Choose one supplier or email multiple suppliers to request pricing using the tender management module
  • Manage all your suppliers using the integrated CRM. Safely store company and contact data, expense types, standard pricing, payment terms and documents such as contracts and NDAs. See all purchase estimates, orders and invoices. Plus, you can integrate your email to get a full conversation history with a supplier
  • Define mark-ups at a supplier or client level. Increase/discount to set appropriate charge-out price. Mark purchases as optional or non-chargeable to exclude them from your quote
  • Convert freelancer timesheets into purchase orders/invoices and allocate time to a job or across multiple jobs
  • Set up user spending limits and purchase approval workflows to control spending. For example, Client/Project managers can create estimates, line managers can approve up to a certain value, and finance can approve POs over that value. Auto emails can be sent to users to approve/take action
  • Email branded POs straight to your supplier’s inbox once approved. Consolidate POs on multiple jobs into one supplier PO for bulk purchases
Agency Purchasing System - PO List

Power your agency's profitability

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2 Months Purchasing Chart and List

Simplify purchase management and reporting

Make sure all costs are billed and recovered and drive accurate profit reporting.

  • Match and store purchase/supplier invoices against one or more POs. Once matched, purchase invoices can be batched for posting with nominal analysis. Synergist seamlessly integrates with leading accounting software, reducing the potential for mistakes when copying data
  • Create cost reports to see all purchase orders, expenses and invoices in a specified date range. See the estimated vs actual cost, charge-out and profit. Sort by client, supplier or supply type
  • See any purchase orders that have not been matched to a supplier invoice. Create an accrual report for purchases which have been billed to your client, but not yet been billed by your supplier
  • Compare a job’s actual costs vs quoted and invoiced, plus see the profit value, percentage markup and margin, and investment (overspend). See totals by client, job handler, job/phase type or team
  • Schedule reports to be automatically emailed to your inbox, or generated when an event occurs or data meets specific criteria
  • Customise reports using powerful filters and save your selected views for quick access

"Being able to generate a report on all of the POs that have been raised into the purchase invoices mean we can accurately create our schedule of accruals."

Peter McQueen, Finance Director, Media Blaze

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From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your agency's projects, people, clients and financials.