Synergist v12.96 Release Summary

For Synergist v12.96 we've delivered over 70 of the most popular development requests. These include Outlook calendar integration and the ability to add columns with your own calculations to the Data Viewer.

Below are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.96. To read the full release notes please use this link Synergist v12.96 Release Notes

Synergist - Outlook Calendar Integration

Make smarter scheduling decisions with our new 2-way Outlook Calendar integration.

Bookings from Outlook calendar (Microsoft 365) are now visible in Synergist. When allocating work you can now see any prior commitments, whichever calendar they were made in.

Work allocated via Synergist Calendar Bookings appears in Outlook calendars, ensuring your team always have a complete picture of what's coming up.

This feature can be enabled centrally for all your Synergist users by linking your Outlook / Microsoft 365 domain to Synergist. 

Outlook calendar showing Synergist Calendar bookings

Invoice 'Paid' status from Xero showing in the invoice list

The 'paid' status column that shows if an invoice has been marked as paid in Xero can now be added via the column picker to the invoice list.

Define your own formulas in Data Viewer

We've extended the power of the Synergist Data Viewer with columns that allow you to enter formulas to calculate values. An ideal solution where you have a particular way of calculating profit or utilisation etc.

Synergist Data Viewer Showing User Defined Calculations

Other New Data Viewer Features

  • Hyperlinks on the output table for clients and job phase numbers to open related records in a new tab
  • An option to show Booked Holiday when Time Booked has been selected
  • Close buttons added to the panels in the Data Viewer Dashboard
  • Function of field selection tool updated
  • Expand / collapse option on dashboard data viewer panels
  • Remove columns with blank or no data
  • Multiple cross-tab fields are now supported
  • 60 period column limit has been removed
  • New filters added for: Supplier, Purchase, Invoice & Purchase and Purchase Invoice
Synergist Data Viewer showing Hyperlink Columns

Clients with targets added to client related filters

A new feature to filter data to show clients who have or have not had targets within the selected time frame.  

Column picker enhancements

  • The column picker now supports the selection of columns with data from other tables.
  • Client Type can now be added as a column on the Job and Opportunities pages
  • Market Sector can now be added as a column on the Job and Opportunities pages
Job List Column Picker showing option to add related table columns

Google single sign-on (SSO)

Google SSO has been added as an option to improve ease of access and security for users of The Synergist Cloud. Users of either Google or Microsoft's authentication services can now access Synergist without needing a separate Synergist login.

Synergist Google Single Sign-on

View of client targets and financial data on client list

Switch added to show client targets and related financial data on the client list

Option to view this by calendar year or financial year

% of target achieved and remaining can be based on invoiced or recognised

Client list showing targets and related financials

More v12.96 features

  • Kanban tooltip improvements 
  • Multi selection when adding charge code, resource code or team to FM
  • Show / hide system views
  • Collapse / expand view types to ease selection in longer lists
  • Show / hide user avatars
  • New company setting for calendared items to show in weekly timesheets
  • Sort by phase number, month and year in the billing plan table
  • Revenue Recognition entry added to Quick billing plans

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October 2023: Synergist v12.96 delivers over 70 of the most requested enhancements and new features to help your day-to-day operations.

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