Project management software for creative agencies

Designed specifically for agencies, Synergist has all the tools you need, all in one place. Giving you real-time visibility of your projects, pipeline, people and profitability, so you can plan and scale smartly.

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Why Synergist works so well for creative and design agencies

Whether you manage lots of small creative jobs, big complex projects or a mixture of both, Synergist’s all-in-one agency management system can help you stay in control. Seamlessly manage your projects, clients, new business, job costing, scheduling, purchasing, billing and reporting... no more siloed systems.

Synergist mirrors the way you work, at the same time bringing new levels of operating efficiency, productivity and business intelligence.

Image of Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry
It tells me immediately about the state of every job, the work requests, the time remaining, the time quoted, everything. It flags up problems early on. It's educating the team. They make better decisions now.
Image of Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry
Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry
Image of Steven Clark, Finance Director, Tayburn
With Synergist I know what’s going on in every job as it’s happening. Costs are captured real-time. So there are no surprises. If Synergist was somehow taken away from us, it would be worse than having a fire.
Image of Steven Clark, Finance Director, Tayburn
Steven Clark, Finance Director, Tayburn
Image of Mark Beaumont, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Dinosaur
Knowing you have a system that can handle it all and pull it all together and grow with you is a good feeling. Getting Synergist was a smart move. I will retire with Synergist!
Image of Mark Beaumont, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Dinosaur
Mark Beaumont, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Dinosaur
Image of Sara Blannin, Finance Director, environmental consultancy ECUS
Prior to this, we could be focusing on the wrong areas. We had 54 people working hard, but profits were still elusive.
Image of Sara Blannin, Finance Director, environmental consultancy ECUS
Sara Blannin, Finance Director, environmental consultancy ECUS
Image of Phil Robinson, CEO, ClickThrough Marketing
Synergist showed us we had been heavily over-servicing. The information empowers the team. Smarter client conversations take place today.
Image of Phil Robinson, CEO, ClickThrough Marketing
Phil Robinson, CEO, ClickThrough Marketing
Image of Sukhi Dehal, Founder, 383
We have been able to plan more accurately around studio capacity and produce very accurate automated financial reports that are delivered to our inbox from the system.
Image of Sukhi Dehal, Founder, 383
Sukhi Dehal, Founder, 383
Image of Kim Stokes, Finance Director, Butterfly
Automating processes and having access to the right information at the right time means I can now work more proactively. It’s freed up time to allow me to think more commercially and how I can use the data I now have to drive the business forward.
Image of Kim Stokes, Finance Director, Butterfly
Kim Stokes, Finance Director, Butterfly
Image of Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations, Enjoy Digital
I can report on job profitability to the board based on job types so they know which area of the business is most productive. There are many decisions the board can now make by using the information.
Image of Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations, Enjoy Digital
Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations, Enjoy Digital
Image of Helen Flanders, Operations Director, Something Big
We have our finger on the pulse. We can see any changes coming and don’t get caught by surprise. It’s saving us so much time too – where one particular report used to take us three days to create, now it takes me two hours!
Image of Helen Flanders, Operations Director, Something Big
Helen Flanders, Operations Director, Something Big
Image of Peter McQueen, former Finance Director, Mediablaze
There are a number of things that I've done to make the agency more profitable. But the main thing is we can report on over-servicing so we can take action. There's absolutely no doubt that bringing in Synergist has really helped us ensure we've got the right financial controls in place.
Image of Peter McQueen, former Finance Director, Mediablaze
Peter McQueen, former Finance Director, Mediablaze

Ensure project profitability

Creative projects are notoriously difficult to accurately estimate and keep within budget. Synergist tracks all your time and costs in detail, so you can see progress, and profitability, in real-time.

  • Plan jobs using templates or duplicate past projects to keep estimates, quotes, project plans, activities and billing consistent
  • Break down creative projects into phases - such as concepts, development and layout, or deliverables. Estimate and track time, costs and profit against each phase
  • Create branded quotes using your standard or client-specific rate cards and get an instant profit estimate. Convert quotes into billing plans so you know exactly what's going to be billed and make sure invoices go out on time
  • Make sure all purchase orders are tracked, passed on to your client with the correct mark-up and accurately forecast for improved cashflow
  • Track actual vs estimated time, purchases and expenses in real time and see at-a-glance if you're going over budget. You can also set up custom email alerts — for example, a job reaching a certain percentage of its budget or if a job's running late
Job costing dashboard and job list
Sukhi Dehal of 383 Project

"Since installation, Synergist has revolutionised our admin processes and allowed us to monitor and organise everything that goes through the studio, from conception to delivery."

Sukhi Dehal, Founder, 383 digital product studio

Calendar booking from estimate

Get control of capacity

If work lands tomorrow, can we deliver it? If we win a client, what's the impact? What services and skillsets should we be selling? Synergist gives you clear visibility on where you have in-house capacity, so you can decide when to hire a freelancer... or when you need to recruit.

  • Forecast your project pipeline based on probability and see how winning new work would impact your capacity. See where you have capacity or stretched resources over the next few months, so you can look to fill gaps, bring in a freelancer or even hire a new team member
  • Control resource bookings using work requests or let account managers book jobs into the scheduling calendar. You can see the time estimated vs time remaining on a job, so you don't overbook your resources
  • Store every email or document online with the job. No more missing job bags or files. Creatives can see the job info, share updates and record time against jobs quickly and easily in their personal schedules
  • Track which resources are consistently under or over-utilised to prevent boredom or burnout before it arises. Dig into the detail to see your teams’ utilisation across chargeable vs non-chargeable time
Steven Clark

"I used to have to sit down with the account managers every month and ask questions like 'Why is this job over?' and 'Why have we not billed this one?' It took an enormous amount of time, and we only found out what was really happening after the event, when of course it was too late. Synergist makes it so much easier, my month-end has been cut in half."

Finance Director, Steven Clark, Tayburn branding agency

See the bigger picture

No more chasing information and pulling together reports based on questionable or inaccurate data. Instead, Synergist gives you agency-wide business intelligence so you can make fact-based, better-informed decisions.  

  • View your agency's revenue, profit, forecasts, utilisation and capacity data at the click of a button with ready-made dashboards and reporting or use the powerful analytics tool to build your own specific reports
  • Understand which projects, clients and services are driving the most revenue and profit
  • Track your investment in each client, creative pitch or new business activity. See how much time and costs you've spent but not recovered
  • Create custom dashboards for your leadership team, or set up and email specific reports for account managers to track their performance
Three dashboards: Management, Sales, Performance

Shaped for your agency's needs

Synergist comes with hundreds of features and gives you more advanced functionality as you grow.
But we get that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creative agencies.
Which is why Synergist can be fully customised to work the way your agency works and to give you the reporting you need. 

"Having your own consultant to lean on and shape the software step-by-step makes it feel even more bespoke. It’s also someone to run things by to make sure I’m looking at things in the right way.”
Steven Smith, Operations Director at Copy House

1-on-1 system and reporting design and custom implementation

Role-specific training sessions in your own system

Ongoing training and advice from highly-experienced consultants

Unlimited phone and email support

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Frequently asked questions about Synergist in creative agencies

Can Synergist manage recurring jobs and retainers?

Yes. You can manage different types of jobs, including multi-option quotes, retainers, recurring work, multi-phase projects and managed sales orders with Synergist.

Does Synergist have a CRM?

Yes. Manage all your clients, prospects, suppliers and contacts data using the integrated CRM. Learn more about pipeline management and CRM

You can also connect your HubSpot or Salesforce CRM to send contacts and opportunities into Synergist from your HubSpot or Salesforce CRM, and sync back any new contacts or opportunity status changes in Synergist.

Does Synergist handle revenue recognition?

Yes. The revenue management module allows you to recognise or defer revenue in line with when the work is done and costs are incurred. Learn more about revenue management

Can we set up different user permissions?

Yes. You can set up different permissions for each user or user group, such as 'administrators', 'project managers' or 'creatives' etc. You can select which menus, tools and reports each user can access.

You can also set up user groups to see certain reports. For example, you could create a suite of reports for the board.  

Is my data secure?

Yes. Synergist Cloud has been developed to be highly secure, reliable and compliant with UK data regulations. Keeping your core business information safe, secure and available, whenever and wherever you need it. Learn more about security

Can Synergist integrate with other software?

Synergist has direct integrations with leading software like Microsoft 365, Google, Xero, Sage, HubSpot and many more. Plus, our API enables you to integrate with anything. Learn more about integrations

Your sales invoice, purchases and expenses can be fed directly into accounting software to eliminate double-entry.

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