Agency leaders: Gain live visibility and control

"With Synergist, I know what’s going on in every job, and the great thing about it is that I know it as it’s happening. So there are no surprises."
Steven Clark, Finance Director, Tayburn

Management dashboard

All your agency management systems and reporting in one place

Nobody should be steering their business in the dark.

Multiple systems. Messy spreadsheets. Manual processes. Information never up to date. Sound familiar? 

You're losing control and visibility. Your team are wasting their precious time. And, the cost of multiple systems is starting to rack up.

There is another way.

Synergist brings your project, resource and financial management together into one powerful agency management system. Giving you an instant and complete view of what's happened, happening and going to happen. Helping you drive your agency’s performance and profitability.

Separate systems vs Synergist integration
Personal dashboard + job dashboard + job list

Day-to-Day: Stay in control

Sometimes a prompt response can stop a minor hiccup becoming a major headache. Be alerted at the first signs of an issue, so you can take positive action quickly.

  • Get early warnings Customisable alerts flag any issues. For example, jobs reaching budget or purchases needing approval. It's like having a smart assistant.
  • Keep on top of actions Organise and assign tasks. See immediately what you need to do and assign tasks to your teams.
  • See job status instantly See a project's remaining budget vs progress made. Colour coding alerts you to take proactive measures to keep clients happy and jobs profitable.

Week-to-week: Get the whole picture

As an agency leader, you need total visibility into the overall health of your agency, without waiting for separate data from account handlers or finance. Synergist management dashboards give you live visibility of your KPIs. This allows you to see what’s happening in your agency and helps you spot potential problems before they occur.

  • See recoverability and team workloads Ensure your teams’ time is being recovered, but not overloaded, with an easy-to-view utilisation report.
  • Track actual and forecasted financials View your actual and forecasted turnover, gross profit, work in progress and costs, plus breakdowns by client to make it clear what's needed to hit your profit targets.

  • Track sales pipeline vs. targets Instantly see the value in your pipeline, the hours sold and hours still available to sell so you can manage your capacity or see where new business is needed.

  • View revenue that can be billed See the value of work completed (work-in-progress) that’s not yet been billed, so you can accrue revenue or drive billings to hit your targets.

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Three dashboards: Management, Sales, Performance
Reports listing, and Data Viewer

Month-to-month: Make informed decisions

Big decisions are hard but necessary. What sorts of projects and clients should we be focusing on? Should we let a client go? Do we need to restructure or recruit? We all pride ourselves on our professional instinct. But having the data to back up instincts and forecast what’s likely to happen in the future makes tough decisions and conversations much easier.

  • See which projects, clients and services are most profitable Synergist shows financial performance by client, project and job over a chosen period, detailing gross and net profit. So you can see who to give focus to... or who to drop.
  • Track staff utilisation and capacity See under-utilisation or over-demand to make informed training, recruitment and freelancer-hiring decisions.
  • Improve estimations and pricing See the estimated versus actual costs for each job, and the recommended charge vs. quoted charge. This can help you price more realistically and improve your profit margins.

Key reports can be automatically created and sent to you on (say) the first day of each month. As well as standard reports, the Data Viewer lets you build custom reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Create tables and charts. Export as an image or PDF, or into a spreadsheet or presentation. You can even schedule them for automatic delivery to nominated people.

All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your projects, people, clients and financials.

Your trusted agency management system

Every day, thousands of people in agencies and consultancies rely on Synergist. They use it to manage their projects, track their time, inform their decisions, oversee their clients and drive their businesses forward profitably.

“Understanding just where our time is being spent is very important – both in terms of managing our business and serving our clients. Tracking this amount of data requires a non-trivial solution.

"My only regret is that we didn't get to grips with this sooner.

David Ladds
Then Managing Director, Bladonmore

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"We no longer have to rely on gut instinct and experience alone. It's there in black & white."

"It's educating the team. They make better decisions now."

Nigel Wilson
Managing Director, CleverCherry

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“We decided to get serious."

“Preparing the agency for growth, getting the basics right, making sure you’ve got the right people with the bigger picture mindset, having them run proper little cost centres and so on..."

Mark Beaumont
Founder, Dinosaur

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