Agency project profitability software

Under-quoting, over-servicing, poor staff utilisation and misbilling are all familiar challenges for agencies.

Synergist helps you take control. With a live view of how each job’s running and clear insights into how profitable your projects, clients and services are, it helps you eliminate under-quoting and over-delivering and see where there’s room for improvement.

Agency office

Produce accurate internal estimates and profitable client quotes

Discover the actual cost of delivering each job, phase or task within a project. Using this insight, you can create templates to drive highly accurate internal estimates.

Generate client-facing quotes, based on either standard or client specific rates, and instantly see the gross and net estimated profit for the job, phase and resources, so you can control profit margins.

Billing plans let you invoice staged payments based on set dates, project milestones or based on work completed.  See more on Estimating and Billing.

Clare Aveling, Finance Director, Candyspace

“The ability to dig into the performance data really helps us understand where to focus our efforts. We can see our most profitable clients and understand which types of project are most profitable.

"It has put profitability at the forefront of everyone’s mind.”

Clare Aveling,
inance Director, Candyspace 

Gantt and Kanban

Manage your projects more efficiently

Project templates help you stop reinventing the wheel, bringing consistency and efficiency to the way you manage projects.

Visual Gantt charts give you a clear picture of when each phase or task should be completed, while project management and communications are seamless thanks to our project management tools.

You can schedule work based on estimates to stop over-booking, and one-click timesheets make sure time is logged accurately against a job.  See more on Project Tracking.


Understand how each project’s performing in real time

Dashboards show you the project’s health and key financials at a glance, so you can quickly see if you’re going over budget and rectify the problem.

See the estimated, quoted, invoiced or recognised values, versus the actual time spent, booked, purchases, materials and % completion - giving you a live view of profit and potential over run.

See more on Dashboards and Scheduled Reports.

Kim Stokes, Finance Director, Butterfly

“We can see whether money is being spent out of budget, and confidently have that conversation with the client. It also helped us identify gaps in our project costing review and control procedures. Now we have templates set up in Synergist to prompt users to think about different aspects of a project, so our project recoverability has increased significantly. The year following Synergist’s implementation was our biggest for profit.”

Kim Stokes,
inance Director, Butterfly 

Client dashboard

Understand which projects, clients and services are most profitable

See which of your clients, jobs, phases, services and resources are profitable for you. The client dashboard shows you financial performance, detailing revenue, profit, WIP, overspend/investment, and forecasts vs. targets.

Insights into the profitability of different types of job, job phases and resources can help you shape your agency, so you become super efficient and highly profitable. See Key Reports.

Improve your projects profitably

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