The power of Synergist

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One comprehensive platform

All information entered into Synergist ripples across your system, updating projects and financials alike. Gain live visibility of all your core operations and clear truths about project financials. Enjoy less confusion, reduced inefficiencies and financial clarity.

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Control of your business

Everything under control? Or are scopes creeping out of control, over servicing rife with your team commercially unaware their hard work isn’t chargeable? Make sure your projects are profitable. Take control.

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Better informed decisions

Decisions are a lot simpler when you have clear, up-to-date, factual data right in front of you. Synergist gives you this information, so everyone makes the right choices, including those making the decisions that steer the business.

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Financial clarity & easy reporting

No more separate silos, endless spreadsheets or financial misinterpretation. The numbers you see are up-to-date and real. Your reports, whether standard or bespoke, are dependable as they’re derived from live data. No more end-of-the month surprises.


Team collaboration and clarity

Synergist makes collaboration easier and clearer. Working from the office or remotely, teams see what they need for their role plus all the latest updates by colleagues. Timesheets are submitted and their implications are immediately reflected.

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Freedom to use your talents

Gain time. One system means no re-entry of data, no hours wasted searching for, or trying to make sense of, project data. Progress and priorities are clear. Everyone welcomes more time to use their talents be this design, finance or running the business.


Increased efficiencies

How? Reduced admin. Plus the clarity and factual data to introduce leaner processes. And optimised scheduling and utilisation, smarter targets and faster invoicing. Plus, access to complete project data, so you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

1000s rely on Synergist every day. Here's what they say...

“Synergist sits at the centre of everything we do, operationally and financially.”

“Synergist has provided the backbone / infrastructure to assist with the changes in business process which were implemented to help focus the business in the right areas."

Steve Collins
Amaze’s Finance Director

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“Synergist changes everything.

Synergist helps us to make huge decisions that we couldn’t do before. For example, we made a structural change as a direct result of the data provided by Synergist.”

Gary Winder
Managing Director, REC

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“If Synergist was somehow taken away from us, it would be worse than us having a fire. We have disaster recovery for fire. But not having our system would bring delays in everything we do, and we'd lose the visibility everybody wants."

Steven Clark
Tayburn’s Finance & Commercial Manager

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The data that Synergist delivers allows us to have conversations with clients that we couldn’t have before. It’s the power of proof. With data in front of you, you can discuss the situation with clarity and confidence
David Ladds, Partner of Bladonmore
With Synergist I know what's going on in every job, and the great thing about it is that I know it as it's happening. Costs are captured real-time, so there are no surprises
Steven Clark, Financial and Commercial Manager of Tayburn
We are now able to produce very accurate reports, which can highlight certain areas of activity and take the guesswork out of what is actually happening
Digital Delivery Director of Redweb
I would certainly recommend Synergist to other PR companies, as it has a level of flexibility and capability that is unmatched by other systems on the market
Director of Operations, JBP PR
Synergist is an amazing tool and we are absolutely delighted with the results.
Andy Wainwright, Operations Manager of Fifth Ring
The best thing about Synergist is the visibility it brings. It shows where the costs are, where the profits are on individual projects, and where the losses are – all giving you time to do something about it. And It’s the best support we have ever had from any company
Steve Laird, Financial Director of Online Design and Engineering
Since implementation the performance and reliability of Synergist has been excellent and the browser interface has been well received by the creative and studio teams. However, it’s the level of service that really sets Synergist apart as a solution provider
Paula Murray, Financial Controller of The Leith Agency
Synergist has given us much better cost control over projects, and the information is live. Best of all, we get cost information phase by phase, helping us make sure we maintain margins. We’d recommend that firms should just do it as soon as they can. Bite the bullet
Steve Revell, Managing Director of Maleon
Synergist seemed head and shoulders above the rest, but what we didn't know was how absolutely fantastic the after-sales service would be. In my opinion, Synergist more than paid for itself within the first year.
Julie Clare, Managing Director of Clear Communications
Implementing the Synergist software within a two month period has been straightforward and well supported by the Synergist team and helpdesk. We would not hesitate to recommend it.
Account Manager of Factor 3
Synergist gives us a real-time company-wide overview whenever we need it
Finance Director of Cheetham Bell JWT
Time is completely visible now. It’s helped us sell retainers, improve future estimating and quotes and a lot more. What it gives us is phenomenal. It’s given us efficiencies from beginning to end
Phil Robinson, Founder and CEO, ClickThrough Marketing
Solving the profitability problem was key. Now, our Exec team can go to the Board meetings every month and say ‘We’re getting it right!’
Sara Blannin, Finance Director of ECUS
Everything’s in one place now. All the consulting information and all the financial data is combined together
Andy Yates, Director of Webb Yates Engineers
It ’s helped us to cost jobs better. Previously we wrestled with very complex spreadsheets to work out the costings, and that’s all been replaced now. We’ve dumped so many spreadsheets!
Rebecca Frain, Managing Director of Electrical Safety UK
There comes a time in every agency’s life when you stand back and have to decide where you want to take it. We decided to get serious. Preparing the agency for growth, getting the basics right... And getting a serious system to drive through the efficiencies and be able to grow with you. Getting Synergist was a key part of it, and I’m glad we did it.
Mark Beaumont, Executive Creative Director & Founder of Dinosaur
It's educating the team. They make better decisions now. It promotes self education. Team members are much more aware now of what costs go into a job. Clients are more frugal today, more savvy. It's never been more important to be able to deliver efficiently.
Nigel Wilson, Managing Director of CleverCherry
Certainly Synergist delivers for us. We have seen a reduction in project overruns. It allowed us to have a more timely view of costs and profits. It helps us make on-the-spot decisions on many varied issues as well as more strategic ones regarding focusing more on the most profitable areas of our work
Managing Director of Europe Economics
We can act before it’s too late. We now see issues sooner and have the facts to back up the intuition. Accessing information, such as staff utilisation, is now done at the push of a button. It's powerful
Simon Butler, co-founder of Purestone, a Lewis Pulse company

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