Integrated agency timesheets and expense management

Synergist makes it easy for teams to record time and expenses against jobs, giving you live project budget tracking and powerful utilisation reporting.


Track time quickly, easily and accurately

Capture time spent as you go, from any device, with easy-to-use one-click timesheets.

  • Use the timer/stopwatch option or record multiple entries together. Add notes of work done and feed back if further time needs scheduling to complete a job
  • Time can be logged against billable and non-billable jobs, for visibility of which tasks are impacting recoverability
  • Scheduled jobs are auto-populated with the job number and charge code for accurate project budget tracking
  • When a job is marked as complete, no further time or expenses can be added, avoiding adding to invoiced jobs and not getting paid for time
  • Set up automated reminders to help your team track time regularly
  • Approval workflows ensure time is logged correctly and managers can quickly see utilisation
  • Option to add freelancers for timesheet posting and consolidate time across multiple jobs to a purchase order
Weekly timesheet and phone

Does your agency really need timesheets?

Timesheets and expenses are often seen as a chore, and can be easy to ignore - especially in busy agencies. 

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Expense sheet with receipt

Save time recording and tracking expenses

Team members can submit their expenses on-the-go, managers can quickly review and approve, and finance functions can streamline processing.

  • Quickly record personal 'out-of-pocket' expenses using the mobile app and upload digital receipts - no need to keep paper copies

  • Log expenses against a client, job or internally to recharge where possible

  • Calculate mileage easily using the pre-defined pence-per-mile calculator

  • Upload and allocate credit card expenses to the correct job

  • Expense approval workflows make sure costs are allocated to the right jobs and passed on, with alerts to approve. Can query, hold or reject

  • Integrate expense management with your existing finance system to streamline processing and payment

Make your agency more productive

See why thousands of design, digital, marketing and PR agencies - from 10 to 500 people - choose Synergist to manage their projects more intelligently and profitably.

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Easily monitor your team's utilisation

Synergist gives you an instant view of how well you’re utilising and recovering your team’s time.

  • The performance dashboard shows utilisation on chargeable and non-chargeable work by team, resource type or individual. See their chargeable hours and value vs targets
  • Missing timesheet reports let you quickly see when time hasn't been tracked or posted
  • See under- or over-utilisation by individual, team, skill or resource, to make informed training, recruitment and freelance-hiring decisions
  • Drill into the detail of where people are spending time and the cost impact

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Performance dashboard

"Invoicing, for us, at the end of every month used to take us ages to get timesheets in and write invoices. Synergist agency management software is the cornerstone of the business."

Darryl Kennedy, Director, Spike

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Job costing dashboard and job list

Track project budgets in real-time

Instantly see a live picture of your budget and project profitability. Colour coding alerts you if you’re ‘job healthy’ or not, so you can quickly take proactive measures.

  • See the financial health of your projects and phases on the job-tracking dashboards. At-a-glance traffic light systems quickly highlight if you’re going over budget
  • Track quoted, invoiced, or recognised values vs actual time and costs - with a live view of work in progress, percentage completion, potential overrun and profit margin
  • Receive email alerts to flag possible issues — for example, a job reaching a certain percentage of its budget
  • Analyse estimates vs actuals to inform future project costings

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See Synergist in action

Whatever your agency looks like – 10 to 500 people, design to digital – Synergist can be shaped to the way you work.

Synergist consultants, Agency Works, will be in touch to arrange your bespoke demo. Their experience working with hundreds of agencies means they can help you work out if Synergist is right for you.

All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your agency's projects, people, clients and financials.