Easy to use iPad, iPhone & Android Project Management Software

The Synergist Mobile App is perfect for members of the team who need to access live client and job information and post time and expenses from anywhere. The app is a free download from The Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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Expense Entry

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What do I need to use the App?

If you're an existing Synergist user and need any assistance with the App please contact us at

The key benefits

Total job visibility

When we recently did a poll of our users, they said visibility & control was their number one reason for choosing Synergist. It’s all about having the essential information available real-time to help you steer, track and manage the business effectively.

Ease of use

Making powerful systems easy to use is a Synergist hallmark. It’s not merely a question of creating slick screen layouts. It involves the design of well-thought-out sequences to optimise information flow, designed by teams steeped in the world of agency and consultancy management.

Desktop, online and mobile

Synergist is easy to access via desktop, web browser and mobile app, and on Apple and Windows platforms.

Synergist mobile app

All your jobs are in hand

Our new App is available to download for Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

iPhone / Android App

The Agency Works

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Providing on-site demonstrations, training, experience and consultation.


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