Manage Projects on-the-go from Synergist's Mobile App

With increases in both remote and flexible working patterns, teams require better communication tools to achieve efficient collaboration. Synergist's Mobile App allows you to manage projects and tasks from wherever you are. It is perfect for members of the team who need to access and contribute to live client and project information whilst out and about.

With the Synergist mobile app, project data is accessible and what’s more, any changes are immediately visible for the rest of the team to see. Timesheets and expenses can be completed on the go and overall project and agency financials are always to hand.

So whether you’re out the office or the person you need to speak to is out the office, there are no project hold-ups. Key information is visible and up-to-date in the app for collaborative and remote working at its best.

The app is free for clients to download from The Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Click the icons below to download your copy. 


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Projects and Activities from anywhere

Jobs listing

The Synergist app provides the key features needed for remote working. So you can make sure you don’t lose sight of project progress, daily priorities and those all-important project financials such as time vs budget and % billed, when you're not working from the office.

You can also clearly communicate these priorities with your colleagues. The Activities give you a live summary of both completed and outstanding tasks with a history of comments, actions and access to attached files. The Synergist app ensures great communication and productivity whenever you're out of the office.

Timesheets when you're out the office

When working from different locations, it’s imperative that valuable, chargeable time doesn’t slip through the net.  The Synergist app allows everyone to complete their timesheets wherever they are. The implications of how the day has been spent are immediately seen across all project views and reporting. Perfect for a Project Manager whose team is spread across multiple locations or is out of the office themselves.

Here are some details on timesheets in Synergist’s app

  • You can view all time logged for the last four weeks via a weekly or daily interface.
  • “Work done” notes can be added to your timesheet entry so new work can be provided when required.
  • When logging your timesheet, if you’re working on the same thing all week or even all month, you can duplicate timesheet lines from a previous entry for speedy completion.
  • Timesheets can be completed in one click, directly from the work schedule.

So when it comes to timesheets, with the Synergist app, there are no excuses.

Weekly timesheet line

Clients information to hand

Contact map

Get a call from a client on go? With the app, you can filter your view by client and immediately see all activities relating to that client. You can then delve into the details of these activities, including progress, timescales and financials. So whether you’re on a train, at your desk or at your kitchen table, you have everything you need when that client unexpectedly calls.

And if you need to call a client urgently, accessing client details such as an address, email and phone number on the go has never been easier and you can simply click to email/call.

Submit expenses as you go

When you’re out the office it’s easy for expenses to quickly rack up. The Synergist app allows you to capture expenses as you go, with the option to quickly take a photograph of the receipt and get it logged before you lose it.

Great for making sure all expenses are recorded. Even better for ensuring the Finance Director doesn't get a shock when expenses are submitted in bulk.

Plus when they look at cost per project and/or client, they'll be confident that absolutely all costs are included.

Expense sheet

What do I need to use the App?

  • The App is for users of Synergist and connects to your Synergist system. If you are not yet a user of Synergist you can download the App and connect to a hosted sample system to explore the functionality.
  • The App is available now as a free download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for "Synergist"
  • The time and expense entry functionality requires your Synergist system to be running Synergist v11. If your system has not yet been updated to v11 the App will still work, just without the time and expense functionality.
  • The App needs to be able to contact your Synergist system via the Internet. It's the same address as you use to enter time and expenses via a web browser whilst out of the office. If you don't know this external address for your Synergist system, your Synergist Super User or internal IT contact should be able to provide you with it.
  • To access your Synergist data from the App requires you to have a valid user name and password along with a browser timesheet licence. If you're unsure your Synergist Super User will be able to confirm if you have this.

If you're an existing Synergist user and need any assistance with the App please contact us at