Resource & Scheduling Managers:

Create and manage optimal schedules in complex situations.

Synergist is the UK's leading job costing and project management system for agencies, consultancies and in-house departments.

Pull all your resources together at a glance

What needs to be done? By whom? Who is available? When?

Someone asks for a feasibility plan and a draft timeline. They want it quickly because they need to get back to a big client. But you're juggling a lot of other projects at the same time.

And the biggest fear of all: is there something that's about to slip through the cracks?

With Synergist, everything is linked together so once something is entered it can't be missed, giving you full control.

How it works

Synergist is a system of power and flexibility. It's cloud-based, giving schedulers and project managers unsurpassed levels of visibility, control and support from a browser. Ideal for remote working.

How it helps you

It simplifies complexity

Fast-changing dependencies, resource allocations, task lists and people overlapping on multiple projects; it's a lot to get right.

It releases your time

Time saved means you can focus more on the details, the implications and the communicating of it to colleagues.

The interface

Simply drag and drop tasks onto resources and watch the immediate impact on current and planned loading on your team.

Helping you do your job

Every day, schedulers and project managers across the land in creative agencies and other project-based businesses rely on Synergist. They use it to manage the huge amount of information you have to juggle with, making it easy to send each team member exactly what they need for a project so they're up and running from the outset.

Book an online demo to see it in action

"Everyone can access Synergist which means I can see what everyone is logging. This has been fundamental in getting visibility on where jobs are at profitability-wise as all the information we need is in one place. I can easily see time spent on a job vs what has been estimated, as well as what people are working on and how long it's taking." 

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