Agency resource management: easily manage your teams’ time

“Since using Synergist, we have been able to plan more accurately around studio capacity and get very accurate financial reports delivered to our inbox."

Sukhi Dehal, Managing Partner and Founder, 383 agency

Integrated agency resource scheduling and capacity planning software

Synergist agency management software helps you maximise schedule efficiency, ensuring everybody is busy on billable work - but not overworked - and projects are delivered within budget.

With all your info - project plans and scheduling, estimates and timesheets, budget tracking and reports - in one system, you can move work seamlessly through your agency and enable your people to do their best work!

See how Synergist can help you...

Calendar booking from estimate

Day-to-day: Get a full view

Do you know who’s working on what, where and when? Instantly see availability, demand and utilisation by person, team, skill or resource over the coming days, weeks and months. 

  • Quickly schedule resources Book provisional or confirmed work easily using the drag-and-drop scheduling calendar.
  • Stop over-servicing See the estimated, booked and remaining time when you're booking in a job, so you can keep jobs within budget.
  • Give your team all the info they need Say goodbye to laborious manual emails. Add briefs, files, checklists and due dates to a booking and manage all communications online.
  • Keep timesheets up to date Pre-populated timesheets help your team record their time correctly — essential for accurate billing  and timesheet reminders when a job’s completed, during the day or at the end of the week ensure they get done!

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Week-to-week: Spot issues quickly

If a job’s not on track, how can you pull it back? If there’s not enough capacity, how can you manage workloads? If there’s not enough work, are there any opportunities you can push through? A weekly review immediately highlights issues so you can be more proactive.

  • Keep billing on track Job estimate vs actual hours reports let you track progress each week, making sure you’ve got enough time booked to complete the job on time
  • Manage team workloads Make sure your resources are booked in line with your utilisation targets, but not overloaded, with an easy-to-view capacity report.
  • Find missing time Is there unaccounted-for time that hasn't been tracked or posted? Quick-to-run timesheet reports let you find your missing time.

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Capacity table and loading
Performance dashboard

Month-to-month: Make informed resource decisions

Working out whether you need to recruit, bring in a freelancer or already have the team capacity to deliver your scheduled work can be a headache. Having the data to hand helps you make better-informed decisions.

  • Track staff utilisation over time See under-utilisation or over-demand by individual, team, skill or resource, to make informed training, recruitment and freelancer-hiring decisions.
  • Spot overservicing or underperformance See where jobs have gone over, so you can improve processes and drive efficiencies.
  • See what’s coming in Breakdown forecasts by department, team or resource to give you a realistic view of what capacity you need to deliver.

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All-in-one agency management software

From new business, costing, project and resource management, through to billing and reporting, Synergist brings together everything you need to manage your projects, people, clients and financials.

Manage your resources and capacity intelligently

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