Kanban boards for your agency's project workflow visualisation

Synergist’s Kanban Boards feature is an easy-to-use workflow visualisation tool. Allowing you to easily see the status of tasks, what’s been actioned, in progress, completed and more.

Different views give you as much granular detail as you need, or a view across the entire agency.

Kanban board

Key benefits of Synergist's Kanban boards:

  • Visualise your individual tasks and/or project tasks
  • See at-a-glance where tasks and projects are up to.
  • Clearly identify the backlog of work on a person or team to resolve overloading or slow progress issues.
  • Synergist Kanban boards are configurable; you can set as many workflow statuses as your workflow process requires.
  • You can produce as many boards as your project team requires
  • Views can be filtered to show, for example, only certain types of task or ones within a specific project timeframe.

On busy agency projects, it’s crucial that everyone knows what’s being worked on. Kanban boards are visual indications of what tasks are currently logged and their status. Boards can be filtered to show, for example, only incomplete tasks or in progress tasks so project team members and project managers can see what’s slipping, what’s dragging on, what’s still being tested, what’s complete and more. Incomplete tasks that aren’t progressing are easily identified and give an early indication of potential issues to follow.