Synergist Cloud Pricing

Synergist Cloud is made up of a core system to which you add the numbers of each type of user you require.

Core System (inc accounts system link)  £50 per month

Full User (access to all features inc time and expense entry)  £49 per month

Timesheet User (can enter time and expenses and view jobs)  £19 per month

Please note: System tier and hence exact functionality is determined by total monthly subscription value. See minimum values in each system tier.


Business looking for a solution to quickly give them control


Core System plus

3 Full Users &

5 Timesheet Users

TOTAL £292 /month

Please note: Minimum £280 /month applies to FOUNDATION tier

1 Trading Company Only

Additional Companies: Not available

Unlimited Attached File storage*


Unlimited Jobs / Clients

Opportunity Tracking



File Attachments

Timing Plans

Resource Scheduling

Billing Plans


Time & Expense Entry

Mobile App


Reporting (Standard, Data Viewer & Alerts)

Multi Currency

Branded Document Layouts (Using Default Templates)

Accounts System Integration

Job Groups / Multi-Job Quoting (£50 / month add on)

* Fair usage policy applies


More established business looking to drive controlled growth


Core System plus

8 Full Users &

12 Timesheet Users

TOTAL £670 /month

Please note: Min. £600 /month applies to PROFESSIONAL tier

1 Trading Company Included

Each Additional Company: £100 /month

Unlimited Attached File storage*


Estimate & Quote Options

Supplier Tendering

Job Groups / Multi-Job Quoting

Scheduled Reporting

Timesheet Approval

Customised & Branded Document Layouts **

API Support

Custom Security Configurations ***

High Volume Revenue Management (£50 / month add on)

File Emails against Organisations / Projects (£50 / month add on) - email data counts towards Attached File Storage

* Fair usage policy applies

** Customers on the PROFESSIONAL tier are entitled to utilise custom layouts. The creation of custom layouts is a chargeable service offered by Synergist Express Ltd / Approved Implementation Partner.

*** This is based on an assessment of the requirements and may be a chargeable extra.


Established business looking to drive efficiency and profitability


Core System plus

20 Full Users &

30 Timesheet Users

TOTAL £1,600 /month

Please note: Min. £1,600 /month applies to ENTERPRISE tier

Unlimited Trading Companies

Unlimited Attached File storage*

Volume pricing for 100+ Users


Unlimited Trading Companies

Unlimited File Attachments *

File Emails against Organisations / Projects

Managed Sales Orders

Consolidated Purchase Orders

High Volume Revenue Management

SLA with service credits if breached

Custom Security Configurations **

* Fair usage policy applies

** This is based on an assessment of the requirements and may be a chargeable extra.

You can learn more about the onboarding process on our Migrating to Synergist page.

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