Synergist Cloud Pricing

Synergist Cloud is made up of the core system plus the number of users you require.

Core System - inc accounts system link  £50 per month


Full Users - access to all features inc time and expense entry  £36 - £49 per month*


Timesheet Users - can enter time and expenses and view job-related information £12 - £19 per month*

* Exact rates per user are determined by the number of users.

The same user rates apply across all tiers.

You can choose to move up a tier to benefit from the additional features to match your needs. See the minimum total values for each system tier.


Business looking for a solution to quickly give them control

Minimum £280 /month applies to FOUNDATION tier

1 Trading Company Only

Additional Companies: Not available

Unlimited Attached File storage*


Unlimited Jobs / Clients

Opportunity Tracking



File Attachments

Timing Plans

Resource Scheduling

Billing Plans


Time & Expense Entry

Mobile App


Reporting (Standard, Data Viewer & Alerts)


Branded Document Layouts (Using Default Templates)

Accounts System Integration

File Emails against Organisations / Projects (£50 / month add on)

Job Groups / Multi-Job Quoting (£50 / month add on)

* Fair usage policy applies


More established business looking to drive controlled growth

Min. £600 /month applies to PROFESSIONAL tier

1 Trading Company Included

Each Additional Company: £100 /month

Unlimited Attached File storage*


Estimate & Quote Options

Supplier Tendering

Job Groups / Multi-Job Quoting

Scheduled Reporting

Timesheet Approval

Customised & Branded Document Layouts **

API Support

Custom Security Configurations ***

File Emails against Organisations / Projects (£50 / month add on)

High Volume Revenue Management (£50 / month add on)

* Fair usage policy applies

** Customers on the PROFESSIONAL tier are entitled to utilise custom layouts. The creation of custom layouts is a chargeable service offered by Synergist Express Ltd / Approved Implementation Partner.

*** This is based on an assessment of the requirements and may be a chargeable extra.


Established business looking to drive efficiency and profitability

Min. £1,600 /month applies to ENTERPRISE tier

Unlimited Trading Companies

Additional Companies: FOC

Unlimited Attached File storage*


Unlimited Trading Companies

File Emails against Organisations / Projects

Managed Sales Orders

Consolidated Purchase Orders

High Volume Revenue Management

SLA with service credits if breached

Custom Security Configurations ***

* Fair usage policy applies

*** This is based on an assessment of the requirements and may be a chargeable extra.

Synergist implementation

We get that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to agencies.

Our partner, The Agency Works, will configure your software to work exactly as you do. Their extensive agency experience means they can guide you towards the most effective set-up to help you save time, increase profits, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Learn more about our implementation packages