Implementing Synergist

Here to support you, every step of the way.

Our onboarding experts, Agency Works, will help you design your perfect Synergist set-up, train your teams, and help you get the data insights you need to grow.

They’ve helped hundreds of agencies shape leaner processes and better business reporting.

Some of the team have spent years working in agencies in senior ops and finance roles. Others have spent years helping agencies improve performance. So they know how to make an agency work.

Shaped for your agency's unique needs

Synergist comes with hundreds of features and gives you more advanced functionality as you grow. But we get that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to agencies. Which is why Synergist is configured to work the way your agency does and to give you the business intelligence you need.

The Agency Works experts never simply replicate what you're already doing. Their vast industry experience means they know how to put the best processes and reporting in place to help agencies get where they want to be.

“They helped us through all the set-up decisions; questioning our ways of working and giving us the benefit of their immense agency experience to settle on a set-up that would give us what we needed, so we could get more out of Synergist and ultimately our business.”

Helen Flanders, Chief Operating Officer, Something Big

people in agency meeting

Training tailored to you

A system is only as good as the information you put in, and that relies on your people.

Having an expert show you how things are done or someone to ask when you're not sure, speeds up adoption and makes the transition smoother.

We personalise your user training based on role, and use your new system to demonstrate how things are done in the best way, so it’s entirely relevant.

“The training and onboarding were very good, you learn not only how to use the system, but actually how to use it well.”

Andrea Allen, Operations Director, Rooster Punk 

Smooth adoption

The early days are critical to successfully introducing a new system. That's why the Agency Works team are on-hand throughout the change process.

They'll help your teams embrace Synergist and make the change as smooth as possible with regular check-ins and training sessions to answer any questions that crop up as you get to know your new system.

Plus, you'll have monthly reviews to help you understand what the data and reports are telling you and where you can improve.

“For someone with so much experience that understands your business and Synergist to say that you’re on the right trajectory; just a couple of tweaks will help improve utilisation, really gives you confidence we are doing things the right way.”

Darryl Kennedy, Director, Spike  

Ongoing support

We're right by your side beyond implementation. The friendly Synergist Helpdesk is on-hand to help Monday to Friday. Just pick up the phone and get an answer straight away.

You'll also enjoy ongoing access to expert advice from the Agency Works experts to help you get the most out of Synergist and get the best for your business.

And, as your agency grows, they'll help you make sure your system, processes and reporting are set up in the best way to help you scale successfully.

"They could see where we were underperforming against our peers, point out where we were missing a trick and where our blind spots were. It was hugely valuable."

John Argent, Managing Director, Six

Frequently asked questions

How much does implementation cost?

We recognise that each agency is unique, so the Agency Works’ consultants will design an onboarding plan customised to your business needs.

For small agencies who want to move to the next level, Agency Works can set up your system based on best practice processes and reporting you need to scale smoothly.

For established agencies, they'll review your current processes, find out what's working well and where improvements can be made, and then work with you to design your new system to meet your needs and plans for growth.

They also offer project management to make everything run smoothly.

Do I have to pay extra for ongoing support?

No. You’ll get hands-on support from Agency Works during the first few months as standard, and you can rely on the Synergist Helpdesk whenever you need help.

Plus, you’ll have ongoing access to helpful how-to articles, best-practice webinars, and useful resources curated by Synergist experts to help you get the most out of your system.

How long will it take to set up Synergist?

It varies depending on how you choose to implement your system, the complexity of your configuration and your preferred timescales. The Agency Works will work with you to create a project plan to help implementation run smoothly and manage change effectively.

Who are Agency Works?

Agency Works is the exclusive implementation and training partner of Synergist.

They have been hands-on with Synergist since 2004 and have helped over 500 agencies elevate their financial and operational performance with Synergist.

The Agency Works team is made up of agency management experts. Some have spent years working in agencies in senior ops and finance roles. Others have spent years helping agencies improve performance. So they know what makes an agency really work, and more importantly, how they make money.

Where are Synergist and Agency Works based?

Both the Synergist and Agency Works teams are based in the UK.

Synergist Helpdesk
Contact or call 01625 577 918
Monday to Thursday 9am-5:30pm and Friday 9am-5pm

Agency Works team
Say or have a chat 01455 553246
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

What’s the difference between the Synergist Helpdesk and the Agency Works support?

The Synergist Helpdesk are here to answer any functionality or technical questions around the system. It’s more than just a call centre. It’s run by highly experienced Synergist whizzes.

The Agency Works team are experts in agency management itself, so they look at your current ways of working and help you design your processes, system and reporting to get the best results.

See Synergist in action

Whatever your agency looks like – 10 to 500 people, design to digital – Synergist can be shaped to the way you work.

Synergist consultants, Agency Works, will be in touch to arrange your bespoke demo. Their experience working with hundreds of agencies means they can help you work out if Synergist is right for you.