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Why invest in Synergist?

In agencies, a lot of time and energy is spent looking back. Trying to work out why a project wasn’t profitable or the team were under-utilised.

But once it’s happened, what can you do about it? All you can do is say ‘this is what we lost out on.’

A Synergist agency management system gives you complete visibility on what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen in your agency.

These real-time insights enable you to stop doing what’s not working and do more of what is.


If you’re serious about progressing your agency, here are some key areas where Synergist can help...

Manage your resource profitably

Your agency’s greatest asset is your people, but they’re also your greatest expense.

With Synergist, you see who’s working on what, showing capacity by individual or skill-type in the short and longer-term.

It lets you compare this with what’s coming through the pipeline, how likely the work is to land, when it’s due and the resources required.

Giving you a forward view so you can manage resource challenges pro-actively and chase the right work to fill gaps.

Have you got the right resourcing mix to cover the proposition of your agency? Or has your proposition changed to meet market demand and you’ve not yet adapted your team?

Synergist shows you which services and skills are in most demand and most profitable, so you can match your people strategy to your agency’s proposition, resulting in greater utilisation and profitability.

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Performance dashboard + Capacity table + Loading 2 weeks
Sukhi Dehal of 383 Project

“We have been able to plan more accurately around studio capacity and produce very accurate automated financial reports that are delivered to our inbox from the system.”

Sukhi Dehal, 
383's Managing Partner and Founder

Know where you're making money...
and where you're not

What's the true profitability of each client, service, project and resource?

Imagine this scenario. You have one client which accounts for 25% of your total revenue. But their hourly recovery rate is 30% less than your other clients. 

If you don’t have the data that allows you to see this, easily and factually, then you may never know. You’ll likely try and attract similar clients or projects based on the assumption that you’ll get a lot of work out of them, and make a lot of money.

In reality, more of the less profitable work will have the opposite result. And you're missing out on truly profitable accounts. 

Synergist lets you see all this data the minute you log in.

You learn where you’re strong, so you can attract more of those types of clients and projects. You also learn which roles consistently perform, so when it comes to recruitment, you recruit roles that deliver the best return.   

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Management dashboard
Peter McQueen, MediaBlaze

"Compared with where we were a few years ago regarding commercial awareness, financial controls and processes, and maximising profit potential, we are in great shape. Synergist has all the features we need to run our agency."

Peter McQueen
then Finance Director, Mediablaze

Deliver projects more profitably

Synergist captures the costs of delivering your projects with ease and accuracy.

Having an evolving picture of the time and costs means you can assess project profitability as you go. It’s clear, not only when you’re over budget, but when a project’s projected to go over. So, you can take the right actions to reduce over-servicing.

And next time you produce an estimate, you know exactly how long it took previously, reducing the likelihood of any under-quoting.

You also have billing plans integrated with project delivery data, so you know when something is ready to be billed. No billing slips through the net and speedy invoicing helps your cashflow. Plus, it’s gets billed directly from Synergist and integrates with your chosen accounts system, so there's no need for rekeying.

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Job costing dashboard and job list
Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Clevercherry

"Clients are more frugal today, more savvy. Their budgets have been tightened. Their £ has to go further. So you have to respond. It's never been more important to be able to deliver efficiently."

Nigel Wilson
Managing Director, Clevercherry

Build productive and repeatable processes 

Your processes drive your ability to scale. After all, your people come and go, your processes are your agency.

You want them to be efficient, scalable and consistent. You don’t want to be reinventing the wheel on every project or fumbling through the same mistakes.

If you’re currently using multiple systems, it can be very hard to streamline your processes. Mistakes and unnecessary duplication can be hidden in the complexities. Causing project delays, data you can’t trust and confusion.

When you implement Synergist your processes will become lean, transparent and efficient – making them repeatable and scalable. 

You’re supported by agency consultants The Agency Works. They’ve been in the agency game for over 20 years and have worked with some of the UK’s leading agencies. They'll help you set up your system to automate, control and optimise your processes.

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