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40-strong communications consultancy reduces over-servicing

40-strong communications consultancy with offices in London and Abu Dhabi

Clients include M&S, BAE Systems, Philips, BNP Paribus, Citi and Virgin.

David Ladds, Bladonmore's Managing Director talks about what they looked for in a new system, including solving the over-servicing issue, and what Synergist does for them.

"For us to have scale we need to know exactly how we spend our time.

"It’s that simple."

"We create compelling stories that bring our clients’ business strategy to life. This helps those clients connect and communicate with the people that matter most to them: their clients, investors and employees.

"We employ more than 40 people - including strategists, designers, developers, filmmakers and coaches – who are working on a lot of very diverse projects at any one point in time. This can be quite daunting from a financial perspective."

"So understanding just where our time is being spent is very important – both in terms of managing our business and serving our clients.

"Tracking this amount of data requires a non-trivial solution."

"My only regret is that we didn't get to grips with this sooner."

Our search for a system

"We looked at several different types of  solutions before we settled on Synergist. We now use Synergist for:

Timesheets  |  Project tracking  |  Estimating  |  Opportunity tracking  |  Reports  |  Sales and marketing  |  Purchase orders  |  Sales and supplier invoicing

Synergist has delivered in these areas for us...

1. Reduced over-servicing

Over-servicing isn’t automatically wrong.

"But you need to know exactly where it’s going on.

2. Better client conversations

The data that Synergist delivers allows us to have conversations with clients that we couldn’t have before. It’s the power of proof. With data in front of you, you can discuss the situation with clarity and confidence. 

3. More informed decisions

Every team member is constantly making decisions. Having all the facts brings a level of objectivity and clarity to decision-making that can be otherwise hard to achieve.

4. Better estimating

"We don't need an estimating department.

"We need everyone to be given the tools and the data to estimate their projects accurately."

5. Scalability

"Thoroughly understanding time and the value of time is key. For us to have scale we need to know exactly how we spend our time. It’s that simple. Synergist gives us the tools to understand how we spend our time and how our clients use that time."

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