Transforming the running of an agency

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Clear B2B is a long-established business to business marketing communications agency with offices in Cirencester and London.

We met up with Julie Clare, their Chief Executive, who talked to us about the effect Synergist has had on their agency.

“Synergist has transformed the running of this agency and greatly increased our profitability.”

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The Challenge

In 2007, Clear already had an agency management system, but staff found it clunky to use. What’s more, timesheets were difficult to fill in, and there was no interface with Sage, so sales and purchase invoices had to be entered twice, leading to possible errors.

With these issues in mind, the agency took the decision to look for something better, so Chief Executive Julie Clare started exploring other options.

During her research, she came across Synergist. She was highly impressed by what the system had to offer. “It’s just amazing,” said Julie.

Client work by ClearB2B for Toyota

Client work by ClearB2B for Toyota

The Result

Within a year of going live at Clear, Synergist had already proved itself to be highly successful. Julie said: “Synergist has transformed the running of this agency and greatly increased our profitability.”

One of the biggest benefits they’ve found is in Synergist’s reporting capability. The whole system is so simple to use that the reports they can produce are meaningful and useful.

Time is easy for the staff to record, meaning it is recorded more accurately. Another huge advantage is that it’s helped with capacity planning and staff utilisation.

Clear has been able to reduce over-servicing considerably. Synergist has also proved itself on financial matters. “It has really enabled us to keep track of costs,” said Julie. One problem that Synergist has helped to eliminate is any potential for missed charges.

They occasionally used to find costs on jobs they hadn’t accounted for, such as invoices coming in months later. This doesn’t happen with Synergist. The fact that it links into Sage has also saved them a great deal of bookkeeping time.

Synergist has also enabled them to improve their quoting. And thanks to its complete solution to job management, the account teams can now do the invoicing on the system.

Client work by ClearB2B for DHL

Client work by ClearB2B for DHL

The service

The agency has found the standard of service to be very high too.

“Synergist seemed head and shoulders above the rest, but we didn’t know how fantastic the after-sales service would be."

The Synergist help desk and the Agency Works are brilliant.”

Client work by ClearB2B for Bosch

Client work by ClearB2B for Bosch


Julie is convinced by Synergist’s real effectiveness. “In my opinion, Synergist more than paid for itself within the first year.”

Time to see it

Whatever your agency looks like – 10 to 500 people, design to digital –
Synergist can be shaped to the way you work.

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