Profitability tools

If you ask an FD why they chose Synergist, they talk about order, financial control and the visibility it brings to them.

It can be a revelation to be able to see, perhaps even for the first time, every aspect of your business summarised into one place.

7 ways to increase profitability

Which are you? A creative agency? Or another type of project-based business? Click to see the guide to increase profits.

Reduce over-servicing

Phil Robinson, CEO of ClickThrough Marketing, said:

“Synergist showed us that we had been grossly over-servicing one big client for a long time. We also see patterns in the over-servicing now. For example, by client type. Very useful."

David Ladds, MD of 40-strong communications consultancy Bladonmore, told us:

"Synergist has reduced our over-servicing."

"Over-servicing isn’t automatically wrong, but you need to know exactly where it’s going on."

Over-servicing: the bane of the industry

Discovering the extent and specifics of over-servicing in your business is one of those 'aha' moments that we repeatedly hear about after Synergist installations. Uncovering over-servicing is rarely a shock in itself, but seeing the size of it almost always is.

Invoices, fast and accurate

Why invoicing with Synergist is such a hit

You'll see a wide range of reasons here: Speed, the links to accounts, the reduced burden on the accounting team and the ability to get invoices out at the end of a project.

Said a brand & communications agency:

An example of the significant difference made by Synergist is in client invoicing. Previously we would have spent the equivalent of 10 working days just creating the individual client invoices. Today the same job can be completed by one person in less than a day."

And a marketing agency said:

“Invoicing has become much slicker and being able to properly manage purchase invoices against purchase orders for the first time completes the financial picture. Full compatibility with our Sage Accounts software rounds off the seamless integration."

Lorraine Lee, Financial Controller at Blue Chip Marketing:

"Purchase order raising is a very good feature of Synergist – and invoice production – I love that too."

"Sometimes invoice numbers were duplicated on the manual system. With Synergist you can’t do that, so that’s cut out a whole area of worry.”

Steve Laird, Finance Director of On Line Design & Engineering Ltd, told us:

“In addition to integrating with our accounts software, Synergist also has the ability to produce and print invoices."

"This has saved an enormous amount of time within our accounts department since they do not actually have to produce invoices now."

Steven Clark, Financial and Commercial Manager of Tayburn:

“We create draft invoices based on quotes, purchase orders and so on. We get monthly invoices sent out by the 2nd of the month. 

“But why wait until the end of the month? We can now get them out at the end of a project. We never used to be able to do that."

Fine-tuning targets

Phil Robinson of ClickThrough told us:

"It’s also helped with fine-tuning targets. It’s removed all the debates and emotions – it’s all factual now."

"We discuss the benchmarks with each department. We can see when a department has earned extra hours of specialist time."

"They can allocate it how they need. That’s very empowering."

There are surely few issues as sensitive as setting targets.

Pitch them wrong and what should be motivational quickly turns into demoralising, unrealistic or arbitrary. But having the right data is a breakthrough, turning the entire minefield into something that's manifestly fair.

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