Keep jobs on track with our project tracking software

Synergist is designed to support the management of multiple projects in busy agency or consultancy environments. Synergist's project tracking functionality makes job management easier, assessing project health in simple visual dashboards and flagging potential issues early in key reports to avoid expensive surprises. 

The project tracking tools make job management simpler by allowing individuals, teams, and directors to track project progress with ease. Everything is always easy-to-follow, in a simple colour-coded interface, and all the information you need in one place.

Put simply, Synergist's job management software tells each role what they need to know. Overall everyone will gain visibility of:

  • how you’re progressing against budget and deadlines
  • who has, is and will be working on a job
  • which jobs are due to hit which department tomorrow
  • which jobs are on hold waiting for client feedback
  • how profitable the job is likely to be.

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