Project Document Management for your agency

Project document management is central to any well-run project.

Projects are collaborative. Multiple people need to access and contribute to the same project documents whether they're in the office, working from home or another remote location. If you don't have your project documents stored centrally, in a location that's logical and accessible to everyone in or out the office, then things quickly get messy. Or if you're working remotely, they can grind to a screeching halt. 

Time is wasted trying to locate project information, or it simply can't be located. There's more room for error as there is always the chance that incorrect or out-of-date documents will be discovered. This can lead to miss-reporting internally or worse, to clients. It quickly becomes a huge headache.  

Synergist removes this headache. All job-related documents and key information including email correspondence is stored centrally so everyone knows they're looking at the correct and latest information from wherever they're working. What's more you can see who's viewing and who's editing a job, and can even edit while someone else is viewing it, so they'll see any changes live. 

As well as saving administrative time, this helps prevent project delays. You don't need to wait until somebody is at their desk or back from holiday to find information or to pick-up a conversation with a client. There is nothing more frustrating to a client than having repeatedly share the same information.


Synergist integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Gmail, G suite (awaiting Google approval Feb 2020) and Dropbox. You can add files stored in these popular cloud collaborations systems to Activities, Jobs and Organisations within Synergist.

You can also send quotes and invoices directly from Synergist as PDf's attached to emails through these popular systems.

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With Synergist's project information and document management you can:

  • Attach any file type to a job, client or supplier with optional folders to ensure easy navigation. So your documentation is always in a logical place and easily accessible for all.
  • Attach files directly to jobs in the schedule. So, as soon as a job appears in the schedule, all the information needed to complete that job is there. Making it possible for team members to move from one job to the next with little or no briefing. No more downtime while waiting to be briefed.
  • Automatically file emails and any attachments against the correct job or client from any email system. So if clients are questioning something then all correspondence is there, against the client. You don't have to trawl through all the emails in your inbox and pray you haven't lost crucial information.
  • Share files easily with your team wherever they are via the secure Synergist Cloud.
  • Gain confidence that the information your sharing and receiving is always the latest version. Be this a document or conversational thread with a client. You also have the option to keep older versions of the document if you like. Perhaps for reference to show what has changed and why.

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