Sage Integration

Synergist is fully-integrated with Sage accounting software including Sage 50, Sage 50cloud, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Sage 200 and Sage ACCPAC.

Synergist talks directly with Sage 50 & Sage Business Cloud Accounting giving a simple and secure way of posting transactions. Nothing moves automatically, but when you choose to transfer pending transactions (up to a cut-off date) then all sales invoices and approved purchase invoices that have not previously been posted are put into a batch. Synergist then validates this information with Sage to ensure it will all be understood. Assuming this is fine, it then posts the transactions across to Sage.

If any issues are identified in the checking process they are detailed allowing them to be addressed (e.g. invalid nominal code) and the corrected batch of transactions then posts to Sage.

We have hundreds of clients using Sage 50, Sage 50cloud & Sage Business Cloud Accounting with Synergist and extensive experience of supporting users of this integration. This seamless approach means that in a couple of clicks, your data is moved over without any re-inputting, reformatting or errors.

What are the benefits?

You gain all the in-depth reporting and tracking sophistication of Synergist, with the financial administration support of Sage. It will feel like you're using one system, but with the benefits of two. Each provider being an expert in their specific field.

No timely re-inputting or reformatting of information. Once integrated, everything can be easily moved easily from Synergist to Sage and vice versa. So you can track payment for your jobs in Synergist and post it directly to Sage when you're ready, simple. 

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If you're already using Synergist, but haven't yet integrated with Sage accounts then simply search for "Sage" within "Synergist Help" or contact the Synergist helpdesk on 01625 577 918 or and they'll be able to help.