Schedule reports including project status and project progress reports

Synergist incorporates a project report scheduling feature that allows you to set-up automated reporting to your own schedule.

You can choose when your agency's project and financial reports go, to whom and how often. The system then automatically creates and emails these reports to the people you've requested received them, typically in PDF format.

Not only does this save you vast amounts of time pulling reports together, but it ensures a report is never forgotten about. It also encourages you to look at crucial reports periodically throughout the project. So when you're deep in project detail, your automatic report pings through and reminds you to step out of the day-to-day and take a look at the bigger picture.

This also means anyone who needs to can get an understanding of project and/or overall agency health at scheduled times. Of course, they can also see these reports on an ad hoc basis, as required.

Project management status reports, project progress reports and any number of project / agency financial reports can be generated. In fact, bespoke reports can be easily set-up with drag-and-drop functionality for just about anything you need. You can read more about how to produce bespoke reports in our drag and drop reporting page.

Certain exception reports, for example ‘new enquiries not followed up’ will only be created if there is new data. Which means blank, worthless reports are never sent out so everyone knows if they get a report, it's worth reading. And if they are expecting a report such as 'new opportunities', and haven't received it, then there are no new opportunities which could be cause for concern.

When choosing which reports to schedule, Synergist has a host of standard reports that are relevant for each role, you can learn more about these standard reports in our key reports page. Our implementation partners can also share their best practice knowledge in this area. Having advised 1000s of agency teams, they can help you set this up so that you get all the reports that other agencies and consultancies have found valuable, as well as bespoke reports that complement your unique business model and processes.