Keep on top of your projects with our project reporting dashboard

In addition to key project reports Synergist provides highly-visual project reporting dashboards. These include financial reporting dashboards, sales dashboards, project progress dashboards and more.

Your dashboard is the first thing you'll see when you log-in to Synergist. You decide what information you want to be highlighted so it's a clear summary of the project and business data that is most important to you, your team or the whole business. This could a financial reporting dashboard, so you see the financial health of each project and therefore your overall business or a more granular dashboard showing project detail and key deliverable for the day. Think of all these dashboards as a KPI summary, personalised to you.

As your dashboard draws your attention to the overall project, financial or business picture, you'll gain an early indication of any issues that are likely to need addressing. Therefore, areas for concern don't grow while you're stuck in project or business detail. You can even set-up alerts to draw your attention to milestones, financial or progress-based, offering constant prompts to limit financial surprises and ensure timescales don't slip.

When there are issues or delays, your project dashboard, which will likely include some financial reporting, encourages accountability because everyone can see how they're performing and what is causing problems. This gives a more honest picture and helps solve problems quickly, efficiently and for the long-term.

As well as individuals dashboards and separate sales and financial dashboards, an overall agency management dashboards gives a live view of business health across each key areas, maximising the effect on overall success.

See project dashboard examples:

Sales Dashboard

  • Pipeline of Opportunities
  • Confirmed Work (Sales) vs Targets
  • Planned vs Actual Billing
  • Chargeable Hours Sold vs Capacity

Management Dashboard or Financial Reporting Dashboard

  • Monthly financial summary of WIP, turnover & gross margin
  • Staff utilisation by team showing chargeable vs Non-chargeable time
  • Top clients based on turnover or gross margin
  • Planned vs actual project and time billing

Personal Dashboard

  • Time entered in last 4 weeks showing chargeable vs Non-chargeable split
  • Upcoming work allocated in next week / day
  • Expense claims summary showing submission status

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