Mechanics of business

Wasting time on the mechanics

When cars were first invented, early adopters had to be more of a mechanic than a driver. Cars broke down frequently and had flat tires on most long journeys. Unless you were a hobbyist, running a car was stressful.

Car reliability has changed beyond recognition since then. But has the same rate of change taken place in project-based businesses? Not really.

Today we still see businesses unnecessarily stressed because of the following reasons:

  • Busy people wasting time searching for information that should be at their fingertips.
  • Month-end stresses, when people are racing to get their project summaries straightor queries answered for invoice productionor time-consuming reports created.
  • Bottlenecks in administration as the business grows, and during peak times.
  • People spending hours trying to reconcile data between multiple systems and spreadsheets.
  • Time wasted and frustration experienced trying to decipher the data because it's not in a consistent and concise format.

It’s a problem on so many levels. Morale is one. It’s unlikely your team joined you because they want to waste their time doing repetitive administrative tasks: more likely, they want to use their skills to make a difference.

The user insight

So how can project management software help? The Managing Director of a Yorkshire-based creative agency told us:

“One big reason for implementing Synergist was to avoid wasting so much time running the mechanics of the agency when we want to focus purely on clients.”

Cars evolve: more reliable, safer, and soon they'll be self-driving. It just doesn't make sense to have a company that fails to harness evolving technology too.

So take a moment to walk around your workplace and glance at what everybody's doing at this moment. How many are actively working on something for a client and adding value? And how many are merely wrestling with stuff?

It's sobering to think that smart people spend masses of time on stuff, yet don't think twice about it or see the sheer cost and waste of it all.

By the way, it's relevant to note that if you implement Synergist you wouldn't need to wander about in the dark. You could see at a glance the status of each project, who is working on what, how close to capacity you're running, and just how productive the team has become. You can find all the information you need, at your fingertips. Month-end peak stress is removed. And the system scales with you as you grow.

See a video of how an agency uses Synergist to better understand their time and how they can focus on more profitable work.