Effective Lead Generation

 |  By: Steve Johnson

If you're an agency in the marketing, digital, communications or creative sectors, you will probably be constantly reminded by clients that lead generation is hugely important to them.

But what do companies find the most effective tactic to create leads? And once you know what that is, is that what you should be pitching for the most?

As ever, it’s not as simple as that. In a recent worldwide survey of senior managers of companies large and small, across B2C and B2B sectors, four tactics came at the top of the list in terms of lead generation effectiveness:

        • Email marketing
        • Content marketing
        • Company website
        • SEO

But it turns out that companies find two of these particularly difficult to grapple with in-house:

        • Content marketing
        • SEO

So that’s clearly where the pain points are.

Fascinatingly, three tactics were seen by companies as more difficult to implement than they are effective:

        • Online advertising
        • Webinars
        • Social media marketing


By the way, in the same survey, respondents were asked how much of this lead-generation work they outsourced to agencies. The answer is that over a half outsourced some or all work.


Source: Lead Generation Strategy Research Summary Report by Ascend2