New Xero at-a-glance paid status

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Our two-way integration with Xero is one of Synergist's most popular features, offering an end-to-end business solution as both systems work in harmony.

As part of our latest release, we’ve enhanced this offering even more. Once you’ve marked your sales and purchases invoices as paid in Xero, this is automatically updated in the corresponding invoices in your Synergist system.

Whereas previously you could check the payment statuses of individual invoices, we’ve now included an option in the column picker to add this to the invoice list. Making it easy to view the paid status of all invoices at a glance.

This means team members outside the finance team don’t need to keep having to ask for updates and figures. Plus, client managers can see if invoices have been paid or need chasing before accepting new jobs from that particular client.

Synergist two-way integration with Xero

You can still enjoy all the existing features of your Synergist agency management system and Xero integration, including:

Mirrored invoices. Create your sales and purchase invoices in Synergist and they’re replicated in Xero, with matching job numbers, descriptions and including any attachments.

In the same way, when you add a new client or supplier in Synergist, this will automatically create a new contact in Xero. So what you see in one system will be mirrored by what you see in the other. You can also batch invoices to check before posting, confirming upfront that Xero will accept all transactions, as well as use Xero tracking categories to assess the performance of each of your departments.

Managed purchases and expenses. Track the profitability of your projects by recording purchase order and expenses against your jobs in Synergist, and reconcile purchase invoices against purchase orders. You can also capture receipts and upload attachments using the Synergist or Xero apps, or a credit card linked to Xero.

Streamlined revenue recognition. This module enables you to recognise or defer revenue in line with when the work is done. Synergist will automatically create a nominal journal for posting straight into Xero, removing the need for manual journals. You’ll also get a monthly revenue report, letting you see what’s been invoiced and recognised, as well as overall deferred or accrued income.

Learn more about the Synergist and Xero integration.

With many agencies using Xero as their accounting software, its easy integration with Synergist is a huge bonus. Our latest upgrade brings even more enhancements, helping you to work with both systems in tandem.