Interest in Content Marketing

 |  By: Steve Johnson

Companies are clearly interested in creating content to pull people to their company. But it’s easy to assume that the only department interest in doing this is the marketing department.

Not so, according to HubSpot. Many company departments are interested in creating content to attract attention specifically to them.

Every department has its own agenda. They probably feel that the marketing department largely ignores their particular needs. Yet they have a story to tell, staff to recruit and internal budgets to fight over. So they want to raise the awareness of what they do, both to internal staff and the outside world. They therefore want materials to show it all off and pull people in. Which of course creates opportunities for agencies, whether of the marketing, digital, PR or communications variety.

So, which departments are looking for help? HR’s staff recruitment department is an obvious one. But would you have thought of the IT department? Or Product Development? Below is a chart taken from Hubspot’s 2014 State of Inbound report.

And don't forget: Each department will have some separate budget of its own in addition to the central marketing budget. It might not be massive but it can make all the difference. Think along these lines:

  • Combined budgets uncover hidden spending.
  • Departments want to be seen as initiative-takers, so they want to spend their budgets on tangible, visible projects produced by the experts.
  • Even a small departmental project is a foot in the door and a name for the credentials portfolio.
  • Highly focused projects usually make for faster decisions, clearer goals and happier clients.


The survey

Just to clarify: HubSpot define ‘Inbound’ as ‘a methodology that focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product.’ The survey was of 3,570 respondents worldwide across multiple company sectors and sizes.