There's simply no substitute for experience

We've spent the last 18 years creating and developing Synergist, a complete project management and job costing solution. Ideal for project-based businesses with teams of 10 - 600 who manage multiple projects simultaneously, Synergist supports the entire project lifestyle with a number of stand-out features across three key areas: Project Planning and Forecasting, Resource and Project Management and Project Costing and Reporting. You can learn more about Synergist’s specific features on our features pages or you can book a one-to-one online demo, which will focus on the areas that matter to you.

Our features have been meticulously developed out of a deep understand of the complications and frustrations faced when running a project-based business. Managing Director, Finance Director, Project Manager, Client Services Director or Project Team Member, what everyone really wants is for the project to run smoothly, to be delivered on time and to budget. People want to spend their time working on successful projects using their talents but all-to-often projects become pressured, messy and overwhelming. Which often takes away a lot of the joy and forces skilled teams to spend too much time fire -fighting and over-servicing. Synergist has been carefully crafted to support companies and individuals in their roles, allowing business owners and leaders to enjoy visibility across the business and project managers and client services to enjoy the same visibility within projects. Teams members enjoy clear direction and priorities. Ultimately, Synergist supports teams in becoming more efficient, saving time, making fact-based decisions, gaining project and business visibility and ultimately running successful projects.

We’re a driven and experienced team who focus entirely on our client’s needs. As such, we’re constantly evolving our system to take advantage of new technology and to solve emerging issues faced by project-based businesses. Our goal is to help our clients thrive at their current size and through times of growth. Synergist is used across a multiple of industries including, creative, digital and marketing agencies, environmental consultancies, engineering firms and architects. We’re proud of our client’s success and you can hear more in our Synergist User Stories.

"Synergist has really helped with our end-to-end journey. It's not just about securing client details or invoices, but managing everything; from business development through to completing the project, including estimation, quoting, scheduling and time recording. We used to use many systems, now it's all handled by Synergist."

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations, Enjoy Digital.  

Synergist is an ISO 27001 certified company which demonstrates our commitment to dealing with the security of customer information.

Synergist customers enjoy unlimited access to our UK-based helpdesk, which is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Here’s what clients have said about our helpdesk’s support:

"Every time I contact Synergist support the person is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable."

"The support I had was excellent – Dave Harvey was brilliant- nothing is too much trouble – well done."

"Jo Grant helped me with my query and she was brilliant. Good humoured, patient and really knows her stuff. She sorted out my problem very efficiently despite the fact it wasn't terribly straight forward. Very pleased with the service, thank you and thank you to Jo."

Our partners


Synergist runs on the powerful 4th Dimension platform. 4D was the world’s first graphical database company, and is a name synonymous with the early Apple Macintosh community. Today it is a leading cross-platform relational database and web server with a presence in 70 countries, committed to both Windows and Apple operating systems and scalable from small-medium businesses to Fortune 500 international enterprises. Here's more information on 4D.

Sage Professional Developer

As a Sage Professional Developer we are ideally positioned to support Synergist users with integration to Sage accounts systems. Our relationship with Sage ensures we have access to new versions of their software prior to public release, as well as direct communication with their developers. This allows us to ensure Synergist integration supports future versions of Sage prior to their release.

The Agency Works

Synergist Express have partnered with select organisations who add value to the sales and implementation process as a result of their industry knowledge and experience. From building an initial understanding of your requirements through to implementation, you will be dealing with professionals who have extensive experience of both Synergist and your industry. This ensures you benefit from a wealth of knowledge from similar implementations.

The Agency Works, previously called Express Systems, has been our exclusive UK implementation partner for over ten years now. It was established by two partners with extensive experience of the power of Synergist. They bring expertise in the Design, Advertising, Marketing, and PR sectors and have implemented Synergist at hundreds of sites in the UK, Middle East and Australia. Their role is to demonstrate the system, implement it, consult on optimal & best-practice usage and train users. Visit their website here.


Synergist is a proud member of the Business Marketing Club an association for B2B marketers who are passionate about moving the industry on and who want to move on in the industry.