Mental health and wellbeing support for agency staff

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We know times are tough for many at the moment, thanks to the cost-of-living crisis and the uncertain economic climate – and those working within agencies are certainly not immune to this.

That’s why in 2023 Synergist will be fundraising for NABS – the wellbeing charity for the media, marketing and advertising industry. The organisation provides free advice and support on a range of issues – from increasing confidence in the workplace to counselling for mental health difficulties – and saw a 49% rise in demand for its services last year.

Who are NABS and why is their work so important to our industry?

Originally known as the National Advertising Benevolent Society, but now simply referred to as NABS, the charity was set up over 100 years ago.

It was founded to provide financial assistance to advertising and media workers in need and had financial backing from some of the most senior figures in the industry.

Today, this support is still as crucial as ever but the charity has broadened its work to include all aspects of wellbeing, with a focus on prevention and working with people before they reach crisis point.

What do they offer?

Whether it’s new starters who need some career guidance and skills training or senior managers feeling under pressure, NABS offers free support to anyone who needs it.

This takes the form of services like the charity’s free, confidential advice line, career coaching, masterclasses where you can learn vital new skills, or financial help in the form of means-tested grants.

You don’t need to be referred to the organisation by your employer. Anyone can contact them directly if they feel they would benefit from their support, this includes those who work as freelancers or run their own limited companies.

Emmeline Woodward, owner of Cocreation Marketing agency, said:

“I’d been working in the industry for over 15 years before I found out about NABS and I really wish I’d known sooner. They offer an amazing service and are so relevant to agency people.

“I’ve attended all their masterclasses and used their free coaching services. The masterclasses are great as you meet other agency people and take time out to really think about your softer skills and wellbeing. I’d highly recommend them.”

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Why is this work so important?

As most people know, if you’re not feeling your best it’s hard to shine at work.

If you feel unsupported, lack confidence or are struggling at home this can all have an impact on your working life.

NABS aims to equip people with resilience and confidence so that they’re better able to navigate difficulties when they arise.

They believe that wellbeing affects not only the individual but those around them, their organisation and, ultimately, the industry.

People who are struggling at work and at home may leave the industry altogether. Figures from NABS show that 30% of industry-wide talent is lost each year, something which could be prevented if people were adequately nurtured and supported.

Sue Todd, CEO, NABS, says:

“Our sector has always been at the forefront of technological, societal and economic change, meaning our people’s exposure to uncertainty and the need to change quickly can add extra pressure. To thrive in these times, we need to put conversations and action about improving our collective mental wellness at the heart of what we do. This year, NABS will work harder than ever with our industry to create and strengthen the relationships and tools we need to help advance the mental wellness of ourselves and our teams, and to help people and organisations join the dots between issues and best practice. Although every individual’s challenges are different, our most effective response is collective.”

How can you help us support NABS?

You can find out more about NABS and their fundraising events here but we have some really quick, simple ways that you can make a difference – and spread the word about Synergist at the same time!

They are:

  1. Promote NABS: they offer a range of free services that could help your people thrive. These include daytime masterclasses, evening talks, speed mentoring sessions, and a confidential advice line. Please spread the word!
  2. Recommend Synergist: We will always welcome more recommendations. So, if you can spare two minutes to write a positive review on Capterra, we'll donate £25 to NABS.
  3. Refer Synergist: If you know an agency you think would benefit from Synergist, introduce them to, and if they become a customer, we'll donate £250 to NABS.

Thank you for your support. It could help to make a real difference to someone who is struggling.

If you think you could benefit from NABS’ support, including their confidential advice line, you can find out more here