Synergist Release Summary - Version 10.5

The following are a selection of the features and usability improvements that have been added to Synergist v10.5. These satisfy the most popular requests received from our client base of over 12,000 users. Thanks to all users who have submitted requests and helped refine these features to ensure Synergist continues to deliver new functionality that works in the real world.

Sales & Marketing

  • Targets can now be set against clients to give a powerful income forecasting solution
  • A new pipeline tool has been added to give excellent visibility of income forecast (new and repeat business) vs target vs actual
  • Social networking details can now be stored against contacts for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

Browser Timesheets and Staff Portal

  • Significant improvements to the appearance and usability of the weekly timesheet interface
  • Facility to add images of users, to make it easier to identify who has posted comments in the portal and improve the usability of the team calendar
  • Improvements to the advanced job creation facility within the employee portal to support custom fields

Data Viewer

  • "Targets", "Current Stage" and "Stage" have been added to the data viewer cutter
  • The facility to filter data at job or phase level has been added

Work Allocation Diary

  • Non-working days can now be defined on a resource specific basis and on a country by country basis
  • The view of bookings can now be filtered by team
  • Support for multiple time zones has been added to the calendar booking interface

Client Portal - note this is an additional module

  • Multiple email alerts have been added to ensure all contacts on jobs are kept aware of any new "comments" or "job requests"
  • We have created a hosted SMTP service for sending email alerts to your client contacts who are using the client portal
  • User thumbnails can be added to the client portal to make it easier to identify who has made which comments

Billing Plans

  • Numerous enhancements to billing plans including the facility to restrict them to job or phase level only

Multi Country / Time Zone Support

  • Support for organisations with employees working in multiple timezones and with non-UK date formats
  • Currency cost rates for users. Ideal for a user based in a different country to the company they are working for

Sales Invoicing

  • Batch creation of draft invoices via a wizard has been added as a new feature
  • Batch creation and sending of pdf versions of invoices attached to emails

Group Access Rights

  • Access rights can now be defined at group level as well as user level to make user administration quicker and simpler for larger sites


  • A facility has been added to utilities to allow timesheets to be reversed out of the system
  • A new super user mode has been added allowing administrators to assume the identity of any other user of the system.
  • Posting of Sales and Purchase transactions into the Xero accounts system

PDF logo transparentFull Synergist v10.5 Release Notes

PDF logo transparentSynergist v10.5 Release Notes Addendum

Anyone on the auto-update system running 4D v11.8 can be switched to Synergist v10.5 automatically. Please contact the helpdesk on 01625 577918 to arrange this.

We hope you find the enhancements provided in this upgrade useful, if you have any requests for features you would like to see in future upgrades please let us know.

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