Synergist Release Summary - Version 10.25

Synergist v10.25 Summary Release Notes

The following are a selection of the features and usability improvements that have been added to Synergist v10.25. These satisfy the most popular requests received from our client base of over 10,000 users. Thanks to everyone who has submitted requests and helped refine these features to ensure Synergist continues to deliver solutions that work in the real world.

Client Portal

Following the intial release of the Client Portal in v10.1 we collated feedback from the early adopters and are delighted to incorporate many of the requests into v10.25. These include:

  • more extensive email notifications for both account handlers and client contacts
  • colour coding of jobs & phases by status
  • improved visibility within the desktop application of which files are shared with the client
For full details of the latest client portal please see:
PDF logo transparentClient Portal v10.25 User Guide

Job & Phase Creation

  • New Job Creation Process allowing custom fields to be populated prior to raising a job number
  • Enforced use of templates in new job creation is now an option
  • Unlimited custom fields can be added to jobs and phases with facility to specify field type and lookup lists
  • Facility to make custom fields mandatory during job/phase creation
  • Batch update of jobs and phases now supports allocation to projects and sub-projects
  • Phase creation wizard simplifies the adding of phases and optionally allows the details of the previous phase to be copied over as well as any unused estimated budget
  • Colour coded job due dates on the browser interface to bring it into line with the desktop interface

Client & Contacts

  • Batch update of multiple client records including population of new custom fields

Sales Invoicing

  • Option to override the automatically calculated VAT amount on an invoice line
  • Facility for credit note approval settings to differ from invoice approval settings by user
  • Repeat invoicing now available on the browser interface as well as the desktop interface

Work Allocation Diary

  • Automatic colour coding of allocated work by either handler or allocated resource for quick identification of bookings
  • You can now create bookings for a job even if its open on another machine to improve usability
  • Improved job search facilities in the work allocation screen
  • From within a job you can now popup a window showing all work allocations (in a read only diary format) allowing users to quickly see when resources are booked to work on the job


  • Virtual folders have been added to allow you to create your own categories for storing any attached files

Client Purchase Order Tracking

  • A facility has been added to allow client purchase orders (PO's) to be entered and job allocated / part allocated against them. This gives you instant visibility of the use of a clients budget on one or more of their PO's


  • You can now amend the exchange rate on expense lines

Multi Country / Time Zone Support

  • Support for organisations with employess working in a multiple timezones and with non UK date formats

  • Currency cost rates for users. Ideal for a user based in a different country to the company they are working for

Sales & Marketing

  • The de-duplication tool now supports deadening of records that are being replaced by new ones, with the reason such as "Lost - Duplicate" being recorded
  • Marking an opportunity as dead now gives you the option of automatically writing off any related costs
  • Mark contacts as opted out of telephone contact or registered on the TPS


  • Phase level reports can now be sorted by job type
  • Report added to support new 'Client Purchase Order Tracking' functionality to show use of client PO budgets


    • Lockout from web interface after X number of unsuccessful logins to increase security

PDF logo transparentFull Synergist v10.25 Release Notes

Anyone on the auto-update system running 4D v11.8 can be switched to Synergist v10.25 automatically. Please contact the helpdesk on 0870 444 9658 to arrange this.

We hope you find the enhancements provided in this upgrade useful, if you have any requests for features you would like to see in future upgrades please let us know.

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