Recruiting talent, the biggest challenge for creative agencies

 |  By: Steve Johnson

Manchester Digital, a trade association for digital business in the North West of England, recently asked its members about the biggest challenges they are facing this year. What came top? The difficulties of recruiting talent.

Recruiting Talent pie chart

They cited the four biggest ways that agencies are tackling this:

  • Operational and structural changes to the agency
  • Train graduates and apprentices whilst retaining key senior talent
  • Raising the agency's profile
  • Commit to finding and onboarding the best possible workers from anywhere in the UK with the power of remote working

High turnover of staff

One compounding issue is the high turnover of talent in the industry. The CEO of a UK marketing agency has contributed to a new Synergist report on talent retention, focusing particularly on the challenges of managing a workforce that is multi-generational.

Today’s teams are made up of an unprecedented mixture of generations working side by side, with the result that organisations are tasked with managing an employee-base spanning even 50 years, with each generation having completely different mindsets, experiences and outlooks on work, digital and society.

Multi-Generational Report

To receive this report and see the others in the series, go to our Four Micro-Reports page.

Report source: Manchester Digital