Does Synergist provide setup assistance?

Our onboarding experts, Agency Works, will help you design your perfect Synergist set-up, train your teams, and help you get the data insights you need to grow.

They’ve helped hundreds of agencies shape leaner processes and better business reporting. Some of the team have spent years working in agencies in senior ops and finance roles. Others have spent years helping agencies improve performance. So they know how to make an agency work.

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How much can Synergist be configured?

Synergist comes with hundreds of features and offers extensive configuration options to cater for the needs of each individual agency.

Synergist experts will work with you to achieve a best practices configuration that ensures Synergist works exactly as you need it and that you gain maximum benefit as soon as possible.

This also ensures that as you grow or your business changes, you can easily modify your system to meet your changing needs, so it's highly unlikely that you'll outgrow Synergist.

How much does implementation cost?

We recognise that each agency is unique, so the Agency Works’ consultants will design an onboarding plan customised to your business needs.

For small agencies who want to move to the next level, Agency Works can quickly set up your system based on best practice processes and reporting you need to scale smoothly.

For more established agencies, they'll review your current processes, determine what's working well and where improvements can be made, and then work with you to design your new system to meet your needs and growth plans. They also offer project management to make everything run smoothly.

Once your requirements are understood, they'll create a tailored onboarding plan and any associated costs will be agreed prior to implementation.

What are the typical set-up timescales?

Typically, the whole process of designing your set-up, training your teams, and helping you launch smoothly takes around 8-12 weeks. However, it can vary depending on the complexity of your configuration and your preferred timescales. The Agency Works will work with you to create a project plan to help implementation run smoothly and manage change effectively.