Synergist the top software used by successful UK agencies

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In the largest survey of UK independent agency owners - The Benchpress Profit & Growth Report 2023 by The Wow Company - Synergist was found to be the top agency management software used by UK agencies with a fee income of £1m+

The report highlights traits of the top-performing agencies and the profit and growth lessons agencies can learn from each other.

One of those lessons? Use software to boost profitability.

And the most popular software used by these agencies? Synergist

For most agencies, using spreadsheets or multiple software tools is only feasible for a certain length of time. Once they start growing and adding more projects, clients and teams and projects, this type of system only serves to add complexity and increase workload.

Multiple software apps vs one integrated management system: which is best for your agency?

Interestingly, the Benchpress report also highlighted that agencies using spreadsheets to manage projects and retainers had an average utilisation rate for non-director roles of 66%. Those using software had an average utilisation rate for non-director roles of 75%. That’s a big difference. For a team of 10 chargeable staff at £100ph, that would be an extra £174k of profit per year!

Agency utilisation rates: everything you need to know

Choosing your agency management system

So using software is an obvious way to go. But how do you choose which system to use?

There are lots of good systems out there. And as with everything agency related, it’s about finding what works for you. Indeed, some agencies do use multiple systems, or choose a specific system for a particular function. But there is much more likelihood of fragmentation here, with lots of people logging lots of things on lots of systems that aren’t aligned. You’re also relying heavily on your teams to log everything they need to, on time – and being honest, this won’t always happen!

One of the reasons so many agencies choose Synergist is because it offers one integrated system, as opposed to using lots of different systems for multiple purposes. Synergist allows you to add on the specific functionalities you need, growing and evolving alongside your agency. Essentially, it acts as a bespoke system for your agency, bringing all your processes and operations together in one place.

Which in agency terms, is bliss.

Multiple systems can bring other headaches, too. Updating one system but not another can create disparities in data. Security can be wobbly, if you forget to remove users if they leave the business, for example. And trying to extract the right data from lots of systems can be time consuming, to say the least.

Using an integrated agency management system brings you some much-needed pain relief. All your project data is in the same place, from initial quotes and estimates through to timesheets and billing. Plus, the data you see is accurate – you’re not trying to compare from multiple sources. And... it’s live. Everyone can see what’s happening, right now. If a job’s about to go over budget, you can step in and do something about it. Not wait until you’ve lost all the profits from a project.

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Ultimately, agencies must make their own choices based on specific needs, goals and operations. But for many, bringing their processes and operations into one single system removes complexity, improves visibility and control and increases accuracy. Which in turn can drive profits... as the most successful agencies know.

What do agencies say about Synergist?

“My favourite report is last month’s forecast vs actual. What did we say we would vs what we are. Something we couldn’t pull before.” Andrea Allen, Rooster Punk

“Synergist agency management software is the cornerstone of the business. It has given us the opportunity to look three, six, nine months down the line in terms of where we need people, where projects are dropping off and things are starting up. It helps us in every way possible.” Darryl Kennedy, Spike

“We have found that management reports and invoicing are far more consistent and simpler to generate at month end, enabling more effective planning and resource management.” Liam Herbert, JBP

"Everything’s in one place now. All the consulting information and all the financial data is combined together. It’s great to have everything organised now. It helps us to stay on top of things. Projects, clients, time, financials." Andy Yates, Webb Yates Engineers

Is Synergist the best agency management software for your agency?

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