What’s the alternative to TrafficLIVE?

 |  By: Kate Jones In: Agency management

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If you’re currently using TrafficLIVE for your agency management, have you started looking for alternatives? I’m sure you’re painfully aware that Traffic Live is being discontinued in September.  September is edging ever closer, especially when you consider that July and August are lost to the summer holidays, and September is not a deadline to choose your new system but to be migrated across.

So, what's your plan?

Our implementation partners, The Agency Works, have migrated over forty clients across from TrafficLIVE to Synergist. Through their experience, they’ve learned how to do this as smoothly as possible and clients are seeing real gains. They know where customers were using TrafficLIVE effectively and how to retain these benefits. In addition, Synergist processes and features will resolve many of the common niggles users experience with TrafficLIVE, so your system is tailored to your agency’s requirements with no workarounds, making it extremely user-friendly.

For example, here are some specific accounts-based features that our customers are really enjoying since the switch. Synergist has an API integration with Xero, and other leading accounts packages including Sage. Users can see when an invoice has been paid, and can look at invoices as far back as they need to for a complete picture. When an invoice is raised against a nominal code in Sage, this can be split across different areas of the business eg design and development. So you can really see which business areas are flying. Mark-up on purchase orders is clear so you can see what is profit. And finally, purchase orders are automatically matched to invoices so any discrepancies are clear.

Another big benefit is being able to differentiate between an estimate and a quote in your Synergist system. There are times where you’ll want these to be different - for example, you’re deliberately reducing the quote to win a project that will be beneficial to your portfolio. In Synergist, you schedule your hours from the estimate – if you like you can literally drag hours from the estimate into the schedule. So you can always see if your scheduled hours are going to exceed the time that the project should take. This makes project progress reporting accurate and over-servicing is easy to spot.

These are just a handful of areas where our clients have fed back improvements. We’re sharing because if you’re putting off changing systems because it feels like a mountain to climb, we’re here to say it doesn’t have to be disruptive and inconvenient or something that you have to get through. It can be extremely positive. It’s a chance to reflect on what your agency needs and what you can gain from a move.

Here’s what our clients who made the move from TrafficLIVE to Synergist have to say...

"We looked into several agency management systems and shortlisted three organisations to come in and present to the wider team.

"Synergist’s level of functionality and flexibility around setting up jobs and reporting, and general ease of use, met our needs across the business and collectively we decided it was the best system for us. It makes running reports quick, easy, and they’re more insightful. This level of reporting has changed the way we look at things."

"A lot of our wish list was around reporting so Synergist’s flexibility to build and tailor the reports we wanted was a big tick. We also went through our top five difficulties with our current system and quickly found that Synergist would do what we needed. Its visual appeal felt more user-friendly for our creative team too."

The Traffic Live to Synergist data import tool allows you to transfer details of Clients, Suppliers, Jobs, Tasks and Quotes from Traffic Live to Synergist. This helps agencies migrate to Synergist with minimal disruption and get up and running quickly.

To make the move to Synergist, please get in touch with us for further details.