Drag & Drop Resource Scheduling Software for your Projects

It's not long before most businesses outgrow post-it notes and whiteboards as their traffic management system. But many still maintain a ‘make-do-and-mend’ approach, using ad-hoc systems they’ve developed themselves.

These can often prove to be labour intensive, requiring constant manual updates, so perhaps it’s time to look at the more efficient job trafficking solution provided by Synergist.

What Synergist can do for traffic managers

  • information from timing plans and estimates can be fed through the scheduling tool
  • work requests can be directly submitted into the system by account handlers
  • current and planned loading on all resources / teams is instantly visible
  • tasks can be dragged & dropped onto resources in a clear, user-friendly visual interface
  • due dates can be highlighted when allocating task to resource
  • scheduling problems can be highlighted arising from timing plan changes
  • under- or over-loading can be highlighted with clear colour coding
  • read-only visibility of planned schedule can be allowed for account managers

What the rest of the team can see

  • diary view of their allocated task and pre-populated timesheet
  • email alerts of new tasks allocated
  • optional visibility of team diary
  • due dates and number of hours allocated for task
  • allocated tasks in any standard diary tool when subscribed to iCalendar feed

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