Synergist reviews

Our agency management software helps over 1000 UK-based agencies and consultancies to work more efficiently and increase their profits.

We're proud to support so many top-performing agencies, and receive incredibly positive feedback on the impact our software has.

Below, a handful of clients share, in their own words, what Synergist enables them to achieve. And the impact this has on growth, profits and the overall running of their agency.

Peter McQueen

"There's absolutely no doubt that bringing in Synergist has really helped us ensure we've got the right financial controls in place.

Synergist data helps us be proactive instead of waiting until the end of the period or project to realise that we didn't do as well as we could. We can compare the rate of completion to the percentage of costs burned, providing an accountability to client services that we didn't have before. We can also report on over-servicing so we can take action."

Peter McQueen, Finance Director, Media Blaze

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Steven Clark

"I used to have to sit down with the account managers every month and ask questions like 'why is this job over?' It took an enormous amount of time and we only found out what was really happening after the event.

Synergist makes it so much easier, my month-end has been cut in half. If Synergist was somehow taken away from us, it would be worse than having a fire."

Steven Clark, Finance Director, Tayburn

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Ian Fiddler

Everyone in the agency accesses and logs their time in Synergist, and this has been fundamental in getting visibility on where jobs are at, profitability-wise, as all the information we need is in one place. I can easily see the time spent on a job against what has been estimated, as well as what people are working on and how long it’s taking.

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations, Enjoy Digital

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Phil Robinson

"Synergist has enabled my agency to understand the hours spent on client work, helped manage utilisation and productivity of the agency. Ultimately, it's helped agency profitability.

Synergist showed us we had been heavily over-servicing. We also see patterns in the over-servicing now eg by client type. And upselling takes place. Before Synergist, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve that. Having the data makes all the difference.

Time is completely visible now. It’s helped us sell retainers, improve future estimating and quotes and a lot more. What it gives us is phenomenal. It’s given us efficiencies from beginning to end."

Phil Robinson, Founder and CEO, ClickThrough

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"Synergist is pivotal to our profitability as an agency

Synergist is a robust and tailored workflow management software which we use for budgeting and quoting through to invoicing. Our success as an agency has come through leveraging the reporting tools and insights that Synergist allows us to capture and analyse.

The ability to track our time and analyse the profitability of our jobs has really helped improve our future quoting and planning. Forecasting tools also help us plan effectively as a business."

Gary, Project Director, reviewed via Capterra


Julie Clare

"Synergist has transformed the running of this agency and greatly increased our profitability.

One of the biggest benefits is Synergist’s reporting capability. The whole system is so simple to use and the reports produced are meaningful and useful.

Another huge advantage is that it’s helped with capacity planning and staff utilisation. Time is really easy for the staff to record which means it is recorded more accurately."

Julie Clare, Chief Executive Clear b2b

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Paula Murray

"In the 2 years since Synergist was implemented The Leith Agency can clearly measure the improvements brought about.

The previously laborious month-end procedures, requiring 10 days of long hours are now completed in 5 days, even though the volume of work passing through the agency has almost doubled.

Even better, this is being achieved without having to work late due to the massive improvements in efficiency Synergist has bought to the accounts department.”

Paula Murray, Financial Controller, Leith Agency

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Mark Beaumont

"Since getting Synergist, we’re sorted now and for the future. I can see that I could run a 200-person agency with Synergist. That’s very reassuring.

"Knowing you have a system that can handle it all and pull it all together and grow with you is a good feeling. Getting Synergist was a smart move. I will retire with Synergist!"

Marc Beaumont, Dinosaur

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"Synergist is the best integrated job costing solution for professional services I have worked with in 20 years.

Having scheduling, job management, forecasting, costing all in one module is a rarity. The system integrates very well and gives fluidity through the job process."

Paul, Financial Director, reviewed via Capterra