Synergist v12.9 Release Summary

For Synergist v12.9 we've focused on using our valued customer feedback to refine many existing system features. We've also updated the underlying database, development and testing platforms. This allows us to develop Synergist even faster going forward, whilst releasing new versions more regularly.

Below are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.9. To read the full release notes please use this link Synergist v12.9 Release Notes

Kanban - ability to choose what is shown on cards

This feature enables users to add, remove and re-order the fields displayed on Kanban Cards.

With just a glance, you now see the information that really matters. Giving you a flexible yet fully integrated task management solution.

Kanban board with field picker

Job Level Sales Invoice Revenue Allocations

This option enables you to see a single billing / revenue allocation summary per job on the invoice. You can then update this summary line without having to edit the individual phase allocations.

Optionally, you can expand the job summary line to make manual adjustments at phase level if required.

Creating a Job from an Activity

A Job can now be created from inside an Activity via the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu.

New Data Viewer options

  • Sort ‘Selected data columns’
  • Ascending and descending options have been added to each selected Data Column.
  • Allow overlapping Date Ranges
  • Swap Categories and Series
  • Show Whole Numbers
  • Add Thousand Separator
  • Drag and drop ‘Selected Data Columns’ via panel
Dataviewer with reduced display options picked

Block self approval of Timesheets, Expenses, Purchases and Purchase Invoices

A new feature to optionally restrict the self-approval of ‘Timesheets’, ‘Expenses’, ‘Purchases’ and ‘Purchase invoices’ is located on the User record ‘Approval’ tab. 

Auto Colouring Bookings on Projects and Campaigns

Colours can be assigned to Projects and Campaigns via the colour picker on Project or Campaign records.

The assigned colours are then displayed in the ‘Colour’ column on Project / Campaign lists.

When a Calendar Booking is associated with a Project or Campaign it will inherit the allocated colour. Booking colours can be added in other places too. The hierarchy of which colour is displayed is listed below:

  • Booking colour
  • Campaign
  • Project
  • Client
  • Current Stage
  • Job/Phase Handler
  • Staff/User

Campaign and Project Colour Assignment

Calendar Bookings colour preferences

‘Colouring bookings’ has been added to Preferences in Calendar Bookings and My Calendar enabling the user to control the way colours are used.

Calendar Bookings Colour Inheritance Picker

Link a Calendar Booking to a Requisition

Draw a Booking directly on the chosen persons calendar and then link it to an available Requisition to add work instructions and attachments etc.

Allocating a work request to a manual calendar booking

'Export current view’ on all main lists

An ‘Export Current View’ option has been added to all main lists. The data in the exported CSV file matches the current views, columns and column order.

More v12.9 features

  • Select Thermometer type on Job & Phase Estimates 
  • 'Custom Opt Out' added to Client Contacts
  • Delete corresponding Billing Plans when deadening an Opportunity
  • 'Team list export' added to team list in File Maintenance
  • Recurring Bookings functionality upgrade
  • New Tooltip on Calendar Summary
  • 'Multi Line' Purchase Invoices can now be imported from Xero
  • Transaction Analysis Types now supported in Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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