Synergist v12.7 Release Summary

Synergist v12.7 includes a new simple UI navigation option that's ideal for new users, @mentions and the facility to paste images into activities, plus many other interface improvements and new pieces of functionality.

These are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.7. To read the full release notes please use this link Full Release Notes for v12.7

Simpler UI option

  • A new UI for non-power users to simplify navigation and allocate maximum screen space to the task in hand.
  • Unused tabs are now hidden unless data has been previously entered. This makes it very easy to see what has and hasn’t been created on a job whilst simplifying the navigation.
  • Re-ordering of tabs. The default tab order has been changed to better reflect the most common workflow. If you prefer an alternative tab order, you can change it.

Kanban & Activities

  • @mentions have been added to activities that generate an email alert to the mentioned user
  • New facility to allow images to be pasted into the comments area
  • Kanban user groups have been created to allow more granular control over which boards a user can access and which updates they can make
  • Re-order Kanban cards automatically by either ‘Due date’ or ‘Owner’
  • Kanban cards can show all booking and timesheets related to that job / phase


  • ‘Highlight’ feature allows searching by text with potential matches highlighted
  • More control over column widths in Weekly and Monthly view
  • More control over the descriptions of bookings to optimise screen use for different ways of working.
  • Option to open with Teams collapsed to speed up initial load for larger teams
  • More control over hover tip info allowing the choice of Full, Minimal or Off
  • Enhanced Loading view with improved facilities for moving individual bookings
  • Combined Calendar / Kanban working method which auto-allocates activity owner on requisition

Gantt Charts

  • Inline date editing can now be done with the date picker as well as by dragging bars
  • Move the entire Job / Phase by dragging the relevant bar
  • Multiselect to move more than one stage at the same time.
  • Today line added to clearly identify the current date on Gantt charts
  • Double click on bars to see more details in a pop up with drill down options
  • PDF and Image options on Gantt chart have improved formatting
  • Full-screen mode added to Gantt charts to improve the usability on more complex jobs

Billing Plans

  • Batch updating of billing plans to lock / unlock a selection of billing plans in one process
  • Batch quick add billing plans to quickly create a set of billing plans
  • Batch draft invoice a selection of billing plans

Payment status of invoices now displayed

  • Synergist systems linked to Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting & QuickBooks Online now show the payment status of invoices

Personal Dashboard

  • New ‘at a glance’ personal dashboard summary with drill-down facilities to relevant areas of Synergist
  • Facility to add your own panels to the ‘at a glance’ dashboard

Management Dashboard

  • New earnings per head metric added to the Management Dashboard

New Performance Dashboard with groupings by Team

  • Utilization vs Chargeable Target
  • Staff utilization summary
  • Chargeable hours vs target
  • Chargeable value vs target 


  • Previewing of expense attachments by hovering on the attachment icon
  • Two new exports added to main lists: Expense Sheets, Expense Lines

Reporting and Report Exports

  • New reports showing:
    • Profit by individual sales invoice
    • Managed Client Sales Orders by Order Number
    • Managed Client Sales Orders by job
  • 20 new export versions of reports have been added

Filtering & Views

  • A simplified method of creating a filtered view of any main list and saving it as a named ‘View’
  • ‘Table of Views’ has been enhanced to allow:
    • Rename a view
    • Delete a view
    • Add / remove a view from the ‘At a glance’ dashboards
    • Add / remove a view from the tabs of the input forms


  • Multiple timesheet entries per cell in the weekly timesheet interface
  • Option to specify start and end time on timesheets rather than just hours worked
  • Timesheet Reports can now be filtered by Freelancers / Employees


  • New feature to allow uninvoiced phases to be moved between jobs
  • Support for ‘Standard Paragraphs’ in email creation allowing commonly used blocks of text to be inserted
  • Batch approval of purchase orders
  • Supplier batch update, new options added
  • New options added to user preferences to allow users to further personalise their experience
  • Custom fields now available on supplier contacts

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