Synergist v12.6 Release Summary

Synergist v12.6 is primarily a technical release, incorporating a new version of the underlying database. This will deliver improved performance & scaleability for larger sites. There are also new areas of functionality and interface improvements  to improve useability and reduce the time spent on common administrative tasks.

Below are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.6. The following link is to a PDF of the Full Release Notes for v12.6

Freelancer cost tracking

  • Automated conversion of freelancer timesheets into Purchase Orders / Purchase Invoices
  • Freelancers costs are entered as timesheets.
  • New feature creates consolidated PO's on either a single internal job or the actual jobs worked on.
Converting Automated conversion of freelancer timesheets into purchase orders

Foreign-currency expense sheets

Synergist already supported foreign currency expenses, but these were automatically converted into the systems base currency for reimbursement. With this new feature, it's now possible to save expense sheets in a foreign currency. This makes reimbursement in the chosen currency easy and removes the effect of exchange rate fluctuations.

Quick Kanban Editing

Quick editing of all the following on a Kanban Card

  • Owner
  • Activity type
  • Subject
  • Details
  • Start and end date & time
Kanban Card quick edit view

Accounts Integrations

Xero integration enhancements

  • A new facility to split a line allows the allocation of multiple purchase orders
  • Upload sales invoice PDFs to Xero as part of an invoice batch post

Sage Business Cloud integration

New accounting link for posting Sales and Purchase transactions to Sage Business cloud

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