Synergist Release Summary - Version 12.3

Synergist v12.3 includes enhancements across the entire system, with a focus on helping you manage the flow of tasks and communications across many projects simultaneously. New features help ensure everyone has instant access to this critical project information, ensuring their time is productive and team communications effective. In addition there are hundreds of other enhancements to further improve both usability and functionality.

The following are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.3.

If you wish to read the full release notes for v12.3, they can be found here.

Kanban Boards

A Kanban board is a visual workflow tool that enables your team to manage the flow of tasks in a natural and rewarding manner. You can create multiple boards and customise them to reflect the various status's your tasks flow through. With intelligent options, each user can then control which tasks they see to ensure the boards show just what they require. Each card (task) displays the key information and can even include attached files. Kanban boards are visible at job level or across multiple jobs.

Documents within Synergist

You can now create formatted html documents within Synergist. Ideal for Briefs, Project SpecificationsMeeting Notes etcThese can be created:

  • By pasting in content from Word, Excel or Emails.
  • From a template you create that can include Synergist data fields ensuring these are automatically populated.
  • From scratch using the powerful formatting tools that are included.
  • These documents can be output as PDF's for sharing with clients etc.

Views / Custom Tabs

When you create a new view for yourself or your team, you now have the option to place it on it's own tab. This allows you to customise your Synergist interface by adding a tab for your most commonly used list views.


There is now the option to add checklists to Activities. These can be quickly created manually or you can save them as a template for quick addition to other Activities. These are a great way to ensure all steps have been followed in correctly completing an Activity, and you can add more than one checklist to an Activity if required.

Weekly Timesheets & Additional Entries

If you enter time against a particular phase & charge code combination for a day and submit it, but then do some more work on it the same day, there is now the option to add an additional timesheet for it within the weekly timesheet interface.

The weekly timesheet interface now saves entries automatically every 30 seconds so even if you forget to save your entries, the changes you've made will have been recorded.

Calendar Bookings & My Calendar

The calendar bookings tool now support the creation of recurring events. This allows you to create a repeating booking and specify the interval. If you were to then delete one of these you get the option to delete all linked future bookings.

In both Calendar bookings and My Calendar we have added a feature to allow quick creation of bookings for non working time (holidays, internal meetings etc). This allows the system administrator to decide on the categories, but for individuals to book this in themselves as tentative bookings. The scheduler can then confirm these bookings.

Users can now choose which details show on bookings in the calendar. As well as client name you can also choose between job / phase description or requisition subject.

Revenue Management

Revenue is now displayed as either deferred or accrued value, rather than a positive or negative deferred value.

A new option to allow only recognised amounts to be posted from sales transaction to the accounts P&L, whilst also posting a balancing entry for accrued or deferred income.

Other New Features

  • Activity Comments have been moved to the main comments tab and redesigned. 
  • Batch update feature added to activities for mass completion, reallocation or updating.
  • Optional split of Pipeline chart between clients and prospects.
  • Financial Dashboards can now show both invoiced & recognised as well as net profit.
  • Facility to copy users so they inherit the same permissions, access and licences.
  • Create Purchases Orders directly from the purchases list.
  • Purchase discount feature on PO's (e.g. for agencies buying media who receive a discount).

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