Synergist Release Summary - Version 12.2

Synergist v12.2 includes extensive improvements to the work scheduling areas, new features to make it easier for you to be GDPR compliant and hundreds of other enhancements to further improve both usability and functionality.

The following are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.2.

If you wish to read the full release notes for v12.2, they can be found here.

Calendar Booking Enhancements

Loading Indicators

A new loading view button gives you an instant summary of loading with colour-coded summaries. Clicking on any loading summary shows all bookings that make up the loading total, and you can drag and drop these bookings in the normal way. You can also choose how many hours of the day each loading indicator represents.

User Specific Views

Enhanced user-specific settings allow views to be retained between sessions. Options include filtering by requisition type to better support the situation where more than one team is being scheduled and the requests are handled by different resource schedulers.

Move Multiple Bookings.

A new facility to highlight all bookings related to one client, job or phase and then update them all simultaneously including: move all x weeks, revert all to draft or confirm all.

Right Click Options

Right-clicking on a booking now presents multiple time-saving options including:

  • Edit, Copy, Delete
  • Open Corresponding Job, Phase, Estimate
  • Filter screen to show just bookings for that Client, Job or Phase

Other Calendar Improvements

  • Clearer highlighting of today
  • New single day view
  • From within a job you can now view all bookings for that job with a single click

My Calendar / Team Calendar

The UI has been enhanced and additional features added to make the 'My Calendar' an effective communications hub. From a booking in My Calendar you now have instant access to:

  • The latest instructions from the work requisition that gave rise to the booking
  • Attached files from both the requisition and job as a whole
  • Quick timesheet creation plus access to a timer if preferred

The Team Calendar has been removed as all users now have access to the more comprehensive calendar bookings interface in read only mode.

Booking Feedback 

Simple option for the person allocated a booking to update it to reflect its status with these being visible as an Emoji on each booking on the calendar bookings screen.

Status options are: To Do, In Progress, Complete, More Time Required & Stalled


Multiple features have been added to Synergist to make it easier for you to achieve compliance with the GDPR.

  • The addition of fields to store details of opt-in records for marketing communication preferences on contacts, in addition to existing opt-out records.
  • Facility to record source of opt-in info.
  • Facility to record verification of opt-in status with date and user stamp.
  • Automatic logging of changes to opt-in info in history field for each contact.
  • Batch selection of contacts either by status or from a list of email addresses.
  • Batch update of contacts with consent changes.
  • Additional data cleardown options for inactive contact data.
  • Contact export facility including all personal data.

We have created a page specifically about GDPR and the features in Synergist that can help you achieve compliance here.

Transfer Costs Facility

Costs can now be transferred from one phase to another phase / stage with a simple interface for picking which costs are to be transferred where.

Billing Plans

There have been numerous enhancements to Billing Plans and associated reporting. In addition there is now the option of including a figure for the value to recognise against each billing plan entry for systems where revenue recognition is in use.   

Standard Paragraphs

A Standard Paragraphs feature has been added to all text areas allowing commonly used blocks of text to be entered using a # symbol and a short code.

Revenue Management

A new single revenue management screen has been added showing a summary of all relevant jobs.

Other New Features

  • Email Alerts including hyperlinks that open the relevant screen in a new Synergist browser tab. 
  • Have Synergist open in multiple browser tabs which can be handy for dual company working etc.
  • Attaching files to suppliers, purchase orders & purchase invoices including invoice images/scans.
  • Duplicate line on weekly timesheet with option to change job, phase, stage or charge code.
  • Options feature on purchase estimate lines so they don't reflect on quotes unless marked as 'picked'.
  • Hover text added to all main lists to increase information available without opening a record.


API v3.2 adds new API calls covering purchase estimates / orders as well as consolidating the previous Synergist APIs

If you are an on-premise Synergist customer using the desktop interface then the Synergist v12.2 Detailed Release Notes - Desktop Interface are available here.

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