Synergist Release Summary - Version 12.1

Synergist v12.1 builds on the new browser interface that was introduced in v12, by adding both new functionality and further depth to existing functionality. The excellent feedback we've had from users of the new interface has also helped steer the improvements in usability that are part of v12.1

The following are a sample of some of the enhancements and new features in v12.1 If you wish to read the full release, it can be found here.

User Interface

  • Introduction of intelligent tab behaviour to ensure related tabs remain adjacent to one another.
  • A new drop down list tool that incorporates dynamic filtering for ease of selection.

Calendar Bookings

A new requisitions feature allowing a user to submit a request for resource that includes work instructions, attached files, charge code, hours and even the preferred resource. Bookings can be made by the resource manager by simply dragging and dropping from a list of requisitions with the bookings carrying all relevant details. This allows the person doing the work to be immediately productive as they have all the information they require directly from their calendar.


The timer feature previously available on the weekly timesheet is now also available on the daily timesheet. The Weekly timesheet has a new option to hide overtime rows where no overtime has been entered. And a Submit all button has been added to improve its visibility, in place of this being on the actions menu.


Billing forecast dashboard now allows non-confirmed opportunities to be included or excluded. 

Billing plan values can have an overall % weighting for the job/opportunity applied, or via an optional override a different weighting for each billing plan entry.

Dashboards now support ‘My Team’ view in addition to ‘All’ and ‘Current User’ views

Estimating & Quoting

  • Allocation of estimate lines to staff members directly from the estimate interface.
  • Multi-stage estimate view for 2 tier jobs.
  • Estimating directly on a job without having to select a phase.
  • Facility to join two quote lines into one.

Clients, Jobs, Phases

  • Batch update of multiple clients, jobs & phases supporting both standard and custom fields.
  • Linked clients allowing parent – child relationships to be defined between organisations so that when you report on the parent organisation the child organisation records are included.
  • Auto creation of monthly phases for retainer type jobs.


A stages item has been added to the Clients & Jobs menu. This lists stages across multiple jobs with the facility to filter and save views.

Accounts Link

Posting to accounts systems has now been added the Synergist browser interface removing the need for the use of the desktop ‘Synergist Connect’ tool. Posting to on premise accounts systems that utilise a direct desktop integration (Sage 50 & Exchequer) will still require the Synergist Connect tool.

Activities & Attachments

  • Custom fields are now available on activities.
  • From a list, you can now select multiple attachments and download all with one click.

Purchasing & Deliveries

  • Supplier price lists are now available in the Synergist browser interface.
  • Delivery addresses have been added to purchase orders allowing alternative addresses to be specified.

Invoicing & Billing Plans

The facility to print an invoice backing sheet (typically listing associated costs) has been added. And a facility to choose between Auto and Manual billing plans has also been added


Saved reports is a new feature that once you’ve defined a report and the criteria for which data you wish to see, you can save this as either a personal or company-wide report for easy reuse in future.


The API has been enhanced with timestamps, support for sha512 password hashing and also now covers the following areas of Synergist:

  • Activities
  • Attachments
  • Calendar
  • Job creation from a template job

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