Synergist Release Summary - Version 12.0

It's faster, better looking and more accessible. Synergist V12 introduces a completely new browser interface that meets most users' entire needs. Plus new features include dashboards for monitoring your business health at a glance.

And drag and drop timing plans with dependencies make the update of jobs simpler and visual. Synergist v12 delivers the power of Synergist in a better looking and more accessible browser interface.

New browser interface

Instant access from anywhere with fast, comprehensive browser interface

In Synergist v12 a new browser interface has been added that takes the familiar concepts from the desktop interface and applies them within a modern, multi tabbed browser interface. This approach ensures there should be no need for retraining of users. With no software or plugins to install, you just get instant access to your complete business management system. This enables you to give your most valued resources the support and flexibility they need to deliver to their full potential, wherever they are.


Reassurance at a glance

In just a few seconds the Synergist dashboard gives you an overview of the health of your business. Delivering instant reassurance and peace of mind, or drawing your attention to a developing issue whilst there’s time to correct it. With the facility to set targets you can define your business aims and ensure the entire team has the visibility they require of any shortfalls in performance. Everyone has access to their personal dashboards and access to sales and management dashboards can be controlled by the system administrator. 

Faster scheduling tool

Fast work planning across your teams

Whatever the size of your team and wherever they’re based, v12 gives you a single platform for visualising and planning all upcoming work. A simple drag and drop browser interface moves the Synergist scheduling tools forwards with a much faster and more flexible option that's accessible from anywhere you choose. 

Timing plans / Dependencies

Beautiful plans of key dates that are quick to update via intelligent dependencies

Timing plans are of limited value if they don’t reflect the current project status. With v12 we’ve therefore focused on making the update of them quick and easy. With a beautiful interface and intelligent dependencies, updating one phase/stage can update all following stages/phases as well as associated billing plans. The addition of visual % completion tools also allow progress updates to be made via the same interface ensuring its much quicker to update Synergist with the latest project information ensuring accurate timely reporting. 

New-look reports

All standard reports now have a great new look and a clearer selection and filtering interface

The entire collection of standard Synergist reports have been given an extensive visual makeover in v12. This ensures you receive information in a familiar layout whilst improving readability and therefore making them quicker to interpret. The report selection and filtering tools have been redesigned as part of the process of migrating them to the browser interface. This gives a clearer more powerful set of options for selecting the information you require.

More powerful Data Viewer

Build powerful custom reports in seconds to answer your specific business questions

As a result of its popularity we’ve received many requests for additional fields and features to be added to the data viewer. These have appeared in previous releases, but with v12 we have completely rewritten the data selection interface to dramatically improve its power and usability. You can now select any field from the database for use when specifying how to cut selected data. You can also include multiple data types on the same report, with different date selections per data type. Instant charting is also included and as all this is available in a browser, reporting can be done from anywhere.

New browser timesheet interface

Quick and Easy Time Entry with Personal Dashboard Style Summary

The new timesheet interface replaces the beta version with a focus on speed and efficiency of time entry ensuring the process is as painless as possible yet accurate. Any work allocated via the Calender Bookings tool appears automatically with job, phase & charge code completed; just enter the hours. The personal dashboard gives a summary of time entered by week vs required hours and a breakdown of chargable vs non-chargable hours. This gives a visual summary of time entry making it easy to spot if you have any gaps.

Please Note: Synergist v12 web interface has been designed for a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024. Following Microsoft's announcement regarding Internet Explorer, we will not be supporting its use with Synergist v12. In its place we will be offering full support for Microsoft Edge.

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October 2023: Synergist v12.96 delivers over 70 of the most requested enhancements and new features to help your day-to-day operations.

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